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Grey's Anatomy -- Sex In Seattle...And Minnesota

Updated on October 26, 2012

The show starts out with several key couples going at it like bunnies. The ironic thing is Karev isn't one of them. The most shocking hook-up is Cristina and her boss, Dr. Parker, who she describes as reptilian. And we soon learn just what Cristina meant by that.

Cristina reveals to Meredith that she thinks of Dr. Thomas as her Minnesota Meredith, so she doesn't take kindly when she learns Dr. Reptile is planning to set a trap for Thomas to force him to retire. He reveals he intended for Cristina to be the chief witness against Thomas to prove it was time to put him out to pasture. Cristina, unfortunately, can't tell her new bestie the truth, without risking her own job, so she eggs him on to using a new surgery technique to prove he isn't an old nag who should be sent to the glue factory. Unfortunately, Thomas has trouble doing the new technique, that is until Cristina gives him a tip how to do it and he does it just fine. Afterwards, Thomas tells Cristina he knows what Dr. Reptile is up to. As for Cristina, I don't think she'll be dropping her panties for Parker anytime soon.

One of the interns calls up Meredith to tell her she's found a super tumor while Meredith and Derek are having a not-so-quick morning quickie. Later, however, Meredith lies to Derek that the intern was mistaken, not wanting to cause him pain because he can no longer operate. However, Derek learns the truth when one of his students mention it to him in class. He goes to watch the surgery and Owen gives him a bit of a tough love speech. He says Derek is a brilliant surgeon but when things don't go well for him he can't shut down emotionally, go hide in his trailer in the woods and grow a beard. So Derek goes to Meredith and shows her he isn't bothered by not being able to do the surgery and that he can still enjoy Meredith's surgeries vicariously through her.

Owen and Callie end up at the local bar talking about their mutual problem of sleeping in a place that has a lot of memories of someone that's gone. Callie's been sleeping at Mark's because she needs a break from Arizona's hostility. Only it holds a lot of memories of Mark. Owen has the same problem sleeping in the firehouse; too many memories of Cristina. So he asks Derek if he can't stay in Derek's trailer in the woods.

Richard is a sharp dressed man as he arrives for a day at work. Turns out Jackson's mother, Catherine, is coming in to consult on a case with a man who has gigantic family jewels. They try to keep from Jackson they're continuing a sexual relationship that began as the boards, but finally they come out of the closet, so to speak, not giving Jackson a choice in the matter to accept it or not. Jackson, however, keeps from Catherine he's carrying on a relationship with April, who Catherine keeps trying to set up with men so she can lose her virginity.

Finally, Arizona comes into the hospital to be fitted for a prosthetic leg. When she stands on it by herself, she starts to fall, and Alex catches her. He tells Arizona that Callie's trying and to hurry up and get well so she can come back to the hospital because they need her. For once, Arizona isn't hostile to Alex and when she gets home she asks Callie to sit with her and watch a TV program.

The best new relationship this season is Cristina and Thomas. He's like an older version of Cristina. He seems to have dedicated his entire life to surgery to the point he didn't even know what drink to order at the bar. I wonder if he ever took time to get married and have a life outside of the hospital?

Cristina seems to be learning surgical techniques. Will she also learn she doesn't want a life solely dedicated to a medical career, foregoing a chance at a personal life. That was kind of the choice she made when she got the abortion. She rejecting have a personal life with Owen and building a family with him, because being a surgeon was way more important to her. Will Thomas cause Cristina to reassess her priorities? I mean, here's Thomas, who dedicated his entire life to his career and now he's getting old, his hospital is trying to push him out. It could very well be Cristina's future if she isn't careful.

As for Derek, he doesn't seem to mind being a teacher instead of a surgeon. But how long will that stay that way when his students act like they're bored in his class. The only student in his class that's interested in what he has to teach is a student whose a Derek Shepherd groupie who wants to talk about Derek's past glories. Will he be able to find a teaching technique that will engage his student and bring satisfaction to Derek in this new phase of his life?


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