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Grey's Anatomy -- The High Price Of Winning

Updated on June 18, 2013

The plane crash survivors won their case and each got rewarded 15 million a piece, but they would soon learn the price for that money may be higher than any of them want to pay.

Dekek was his alter annoying persona Der-Ick. He didn't want anything to do with Owen because he blamed him for the plane crash because Owen didn't check out the airline he used thoroughly enough. It's times like this I would gladly go upside his head. Owen feels back enough as it is. He even divorced Cristina to help Der-Ick and company win their lawsuit. Guess I'm more of a Owen fans than a Der-Ick fan. Ultimately, Cristina goes up side Der-Ick's head verbally and gets him to forgive Owen and make peace by asking him to the celebration dinner Callie wants to have, but Owen declines. Owen has to attend a meeting with the hospital which reveals the high price that will be paid to line the crash victims pockets with that 15 mil a piece.

The insurance company found a way to weasel out of paying the money because of Arizona. She wasn't supposed to be on that plane and because she was, they can use a loophole so they can get out of paying the settlement. The hospital says they'll be paying the money to them, but it'll bankrupt the hospital and as a result Seattle Grace will be closing its doors, permanently.

Speaking of Arizona, she's being a real pain in the butt to Jackson. He's treating a teen that Mark was doing reconstuctive surgery on, but he wants to do a different technique that Mark planned, because it'll end up giving the boy a better chance and having a normal life. Arizona harrasses Jackson so much he finally agrees to do it the way Mark planned until the boy tells him that when Mark was giving him tips on how to hit on girls, he told the boy he shouldn't copy his moves but create his own. This convinces Jackson that he needs to go his own way and do the procedure he knows will be better. Pain in the butt Arizona has a cow when she finds out.

Jackson and April seem to be the new Mark and Lexie. Jackson tells April that he's sleeping with Edwards. What you sow so shall ye reap, April. She had Jackson and she had a chance with him until she said what she said. In April's place I don't think Edwards would have treated Jackson the way April did.

Cristina and Owen are having sex like bunnies now they're no longer married. They seem to have settled for being sex buddies. I guess it's a good way so they don't have to address the problems between them. Maybe their problems can't be solved and that's all they can ever be to each other.

Poor Bailey, seems her honeymoon wasn't good for her. A case at the hospital where a woman bedazzled her vajayjay and got hurt on a stripper pole to spice up her marriage brings the horrible truth out about Bailey's honeymoon. Ben wanted sex on the beach and the sand got all up in Bailey's vajayjay and she got an infection. They were only able to have sex once. Now the only place Bailey wants to perform her martial duties is in a bed.

Everyone is worried about Richard. He won't perform surgery and when Catherine shows up wanting to comfort him he's very nasty to her. Seeing her just heightens his guilt that he was sleeping around instead of being with Adele. Meredith gets Richard to assist her on a surgery where they discover a giant hairball in a patient's stomach. The patient's mother is such a nag the girl is eating her hair. Meredith wants to keep the giant hairball as a souvenir with all of the other souvenir's Richard has kept. Richard, however, wants to throw his souvenirs away, as he reveals to Meredith each one of them represents time he could have spent with Adele but which he didn't. Catherine and Richard also make-up and he allows her to hold his hand as she tries to help him deal with his guilt and grief over Adele.

Meredith still hasn't told Cristina about her pregnancy, although Cristina has figured it out on her own. It seems after Richard tells her why he wants to throw his souvenir collection away, it finally gets Meredith to announce to everyone she's pregnant and she's happy about it. Maybe it got Meredith to not want to go down Richard's road where she'll have bottles of souvenirs where she could have had memories with Derek.

The plane crash, the lawsuit and the hospital closing is all an interesting study in the choices we make and the far-reaching consequences they have. To save money, Owen picked a cheaper airline without checking out it's history which resulted in the plane crash, Mark and Lexie's death and Arizona losing her leg. Arizona got into a snit because Karev wanted to take a job at another hospital so she pulled him off the flight and took his place. Because of that she lost her leg and she enabled the insurance company from weaseling out of having to pay the settlement. And Derek was the one who convinced everyone to sue instead of taking the offered settlement and because of that the hospital will end up closing its doors.

Something tells me that Der-Ick's judgmental attitude over Owen picking the wrong airliner is going to come back on him when he learns the hospital is going to close because he got everyone to sue.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love to watch grey anatomy. Awesome and thrilling. Get anxious with the ending. My daughter couldn;t understand the English because the actors are Americans, different accent from Malaysia. So, I had to translate to her .Voted up