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Gucci Mane's 'Stupid Wild' Style

Updated on June 3, 2010
Gucci Mane Chains
Gucci Mane Chains

Gucci Mane Chains

Gucci Mane is best known for his freestyles, street anthems, and most of all, the Gucci Mane jewelry game.

He's said many times that he likes his chains to match his personality and how he's feeling and he calls his style 'stupid wild' or 'stupid crazy.' In his latest single, Gucci Mane - Lemonade, he says, "stupid fruity chain is just how I feel today/ I'm talkin' slow cause Codiene syrup's in my lemonade." In another song from The State vs Radric Davis called 'Stupid Wild' featuring Lil Wayne & Cam'ron, in the chorus Gucci Mane says, "Stupid wild, super stupid wild, homie that’s my style."

Some Famous Gucci Mane Chains

It's very rare to catch Gucci Mane chains missing in any Gucci Mane pictures. From the very start of career when he first signed with Big Cat Records, Gucci has been flaunting his chains. His very first chain was of a big cat holding an emblem reading Big Cat Records. The second chain that he purchased is probably his most famous and well known chain. It's the infamous completely diamond covered Bart Simpson chain. Bart Simpson is even on his skateboard filled with diamonds as well. Two other of his most well known chains include his white and black diamond Odie from Garfield chain and his pink diamond encrusted heart with a bow through it reading 'Da Hood Luv Me.'

To add to his collection of the years, he has had several chains made representing his So Icey Entertainment label and even more chains representing his crew, 1017 Brick Squad. Another well known chain of his is his 'Arm & Hammer chain' that says 'Pure Baking Soda' in white, yellow gold, and pink diamonds. He also has a Falcon's helmet chain repping his hometown, Atlanta in pink and black diamonds. His latest chains he's been seen wearing are chains of a cake mix beater and the Rolling Stones tongue logo.

Gucci Mane Chains - Real or Fake?

There has been much speculation and talk about if the diamonds in his chains and jewelry are real and they could very well be fake. All of the jewelry he has is certainly very expensive along with all of his extravegant cars he owns. He has made more than most artists in his early career because of the extremely large amount of records sold independently.

He may have also used the large amount of money made from the music industry to make even more money investing in the drug industry which is a major possibility. It could also be very easy for someone to place so many fake diamonds together on a chain that they look real beside each other. At the end of the day, no one will ever know but Gucci Mane but one thing that's for sure is that he not hurting for money, especially with his album release and many more to come.

Gucci Mane Tattoos

Along with his chains, over the years the he has been gaining a large collection of Gucci Mane Tattoos . There haven't been very many high quality pictures of his tattoos but since dropping Trap House in 2007, he has covered his entire chest in tattoos. Some of his most well known tattoos are his 'So Icey Entertainment tattoo across his upper chest, microphone between his ribs, and double 'G' Gucci symbol on the back of his hands.

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