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Guitar Pick Holders – A Must-Have Guitar Accessory

Updated on February 14, 2011

Dunlop Ergo Pick Holder


The guitar pick holder is one of those extremely simple little guitar accessories that can really help to make your life as a guitarist a lot easier.

If you use guitar picks, chances are you're well aware of just how annoying these seemingly innocuous little plastic triangles can be. Not only do they have a habit of falling out of your fingers while you're playing, but they refuse to stay in their designated location, and do a disappearing act just when you need them most.

Many guitarists keep their guitar picks in their pockets, which isn’t really a good idea unless you wear exactly the same clothing every day (and even the most hygienically challenged among us don't normally go that far!). What you need is a way of keeping all your guitar picks neatly organised in one place, and a guitar pick holder provides the perfect solution.

What are they?

A pick holder is a simple little case (usually made from plastic) which, as the name suggests, is designed to store your guitar picks safely. Pick holders are often triangular in shape, and can hold several picks, with the exact number being dependent on their thickness. Holders of this type often have an adhesive backing, which enables them to be stuck onto your guitar. This is a very useful feature, but if you decide to take advantage of it, be sure to get a guitar pick holder with an adhesive that’s designed not to damage the finish on your guitar.

You may still be reluctant to stick a pick holder to it, especially if you have a valuable guitar. In that case, you could try a guitar pick holder keychain, which is basically the same thing but mounted on the end of a chain, which you can attach to your belt loop or some other convenient place.

Another type of guitar plectrum holder is that which attaches to a microphone stand. These are a great idea for live performances and rehearsals, especially for singer-guitarists. These holders are elongated in shape and usually hold around six guitar picks, which are stored sticking out at a right angle for easy access.

So, if you're tired of losing your guitar picks, and want an easy, foolproof way to keep them all in one place for when you need them, pick up a pick holder today. At just a couple of dollars each, these handy little guitar accessories will be within any musician's budget, and unlike many of their more expensive counterparts, they really are a must-have item.


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    • Syrusv37 profile image

      Anthony 6 years ago

      Great Hub, I'm a fan. I love guitars too and anything to do with em. If I wasn't in a committed relationship at this moment I'd probably marry a guitar. lol Keep up the good work.