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Best Candle Holders for the Fall

Updated on August 21, 2013
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Autumn Candle Holders

For those that love chilly weather, autumn is a welcome season each year. Not only can one look forward to seeing an assortment of colorful leaves fall to the ground and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, autumn is the time of year when many people began to burn candles again.

Although you can use candles year-round, many people prefer the look and feel of burning candles during the colder months. In the fall, many fall-related scented candles appear on the market. It is really the best time to buy scented candles if you crave scents like pumpkin, maple, cinnamon, and apple. Not only can you buy the best scented candles, autumn is actually an excellent time to buy candle holders as well.

Many stores realize that fall is the time of year when people enjoy buying candles. Naturally, this means customers will also want to buy candle holders. This year, an excellent assortment of candle holders are available. I would like to share some of my favorites.


Jack o' Lantern Candle Holder

If you love Halloween, the you will love the Jack o' Lantern from Yankee Candle. Not only is it reasonably priced, it is adorable for your home. I love how the whole candle holder lights up when a candle is placed inside. I use a tealight candle or a small candle from Bath & Body Works since their small candles are in glass.

Yankee Candle makes excellent votive candles, but since they are not in glass and I would hate to destroy the candle holder, I rarely actually use Yankee Candle's own candles in their Jack o' Lantern candle holder.


Owl Candle Holder

Everybody knows owls are the coolest animal right now. Everywhere I go I see owl shirts, owl decorations, and owl stationary. If you give a hoot about owls (sorry that was kind of dorky) then you should check out these great owl candle holders at Bath & Body Works.

These little candle holders are especially created to hold the small Bath & Body Works candles that come in glass containers. Not only are the mini-candles great smelling, they are always less expensive than other candles. It is the best way to test a scent before buying the larger candle. You can easily add a small candle to this owl candle holder for a classy look in your home this fall.


Lantern Candle Holder

It might be hard to imagine this if you've read some of my other product hubs, but yes, occasionally I do shop at stores other than Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works. I would like to discuss a beautiful discovery I made at Pier 1 Imports. They happen to sell an amazing candle holder that looks like a lantern.

Trust me when I say these photos do not do this candle holder justice. The inside of the candle holder is mirrored and it has small holes throughout the holder. When a tealight candle is lit inside, the light reflects in many different angles. It is beautiful to turn the lights off at night and just watch the candle flicker inside this holder.

Although I love the candle holder, I will give a warning about it. It gets VERY hot when a candle burns inside of it. The entire holder actually heats up and it makes it difficult to move it once the candle is lit. If you have small children, I would not recommend it. Also, since the candle holder heats up so much, the tealight candle tends to melt faster than it normally would in a different holder.


Glass Candle Holder

If you are not interested in fancy candle holders, a nice basic, glass candle holder might be for you. Yankee Candle sells a good candle holder for autumn. Candles shine brightly through the glass, and the colors are all neutral fall colors.

Tealight candles will work well in this particular candle holder. Also, this candle holder will hold votive candles from Yankee Candle. There is a trick to removing the melted candle later without ruining the candle holder. You just need to add a couple of drops of water inside the candle holder before inserting the candle. That should help the votive pop right out once the wax has melted and completely cooled.


Pumpkin Candle Holder

I have a confession - I don't actually own this candle holder, but my friend does. She announced with great pride that she bought the last pumpkin candle holder from Bath & Body Works last month. However, she was kind enough to share this lovely photo with us. She also assures me this is a wonderful candle holder and she is extremely pleased with her purchase.

Since this candle holder is so cute and delightful, I just had to share it!

Happy Candle Holder Shopping!

I hope you enjoyed this review of candle holders available at stores this autumn. Keep in mind, every single candle holder listed in this hub is $10 or less. Yes, even the lantern candle holder from Pier 1 Imports was about $10! Trust me, I would not lead you down the wrong path full of expensive items. I hope you not only enjoy your fall candles this year, but I hope you equally enjoy the fun candle holders available for them as well.

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