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HBO Now how to get it!

Updated on October 25, 2015

HBO Now with Apple TV

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HBO Now How can i get it?

HBO has come out with a way for you to get content from them without going through your local cable and satellite companies and paying their high prices. This company has a great slogan that they are using for HBO Now that makes you believe in how it will be awesome to use this service and I was ready to jump on the bandwagon. This new idea of premium channel subscription is a cord cutter's dream come true. I love this exciting new option for viewing their content online. It was hard to get part-take in this adventure at first because it was setup to use only on “Apple Inc.” products. Since the launch, the company must have gotten a nudge from someone to urge them in the direction to make changes for more availability allowing other users to experience their project, so now I’m excited again.

HBO Now is a separate subscription from the one that they have on cable and satellite television to this new premium services created especially at a low monthly fee for you to access online and on mobile devices. I love the premium channel feature for this adventure which lets me utilize what I can watch, like my favorite shows. “Game of Thrones” live. I can use an app to watch shows and movies. I made sure that I could get online whenever so that I could get started. The price was about fifteen dollars, low enough to afford to go with one online movie subscription like “Netflix”. I think that if the SYFY channel came out with a subscription like this, I would be sold enough to pay about twenty dollars a month. I was so excited about HBO allowing access without having a cable or satellite provider.

HBO Now service came out on April 7, 2015, with only one way for viewers to utilize this subscription via Apple products. The company has this great saying for their new project, “All you need is internet”, as listed on the That statement wasn’t true because I tried, but it was clear on the site that if you didn’t have an iPhone or iTunes, you were not going to be able to view anything. This felt like a bold face lie. I was so disappointed because I wasn’t using Apple products, so I shared my video about the disappointment on my Facebook page and tried to spread the word around the world. I created a video on YouTube as a rant, a complaint, and I got lots of visitors and comments. I wish that I could afford an iPad mini just because it has things to offer I can’t get anywhere else, but I can’t so this move was unfair.

Cord Cutting

I mentioned earlier about being a cord-cutter and how this is something that fits my profile. A cord-cutter is someone who doesn't want to pay television through cable/satellite or a home phone through local telephone company but use the internet instead. I use OTA (over-the-air) television, an antenna, to receive my basic channel. I use Google Voice to get my telephone service. Google Voice is a free telephone service that you can use for business or personal that lets you accept calls online or via your phone. I like the voice to speech feature on Google Voice because I can read the text and not listen to the voicemail. I believe in this mostly because my apartment building was built with only one way to receive paid television (Comcast). I can't get satellite or choose a less expensive service.

HBO Now, I can get it now!

Now we can access HBO Now on other platforms which make this more exciting for me. I have Android products so I can now go to the Google Play Store and download the app. I can watch my GOT, my favorite show. I believe my video and blog reached HBO ears and they put it out there for everyone to be able to participate. If all the premium channels were offering subscriptions, the cable/satellite providers would start losing business. In fact, due to a lot of pirates, most people receive the movies and shows on the internet anyway. Netflix had the right idea to start selling this online since most people have them or Hulu as a service. Hurray! Internet TV, the wave of our future, is here to stay.

HBO Now or HBO Go?

Would you rather the stand alone HBO Now or HBO Go with television provider?

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HBO Now Amazon App

HBO Now App for Fire TV
HBO Now App for Fire TV | Source


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