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Have You Ever Wondered About...

Updated on October 22, 2018

Where They Get the Parts for a Sex Change Operation

Not that I'm interested in having a sex change operation but when Cher's daughter had the surgery to become a man, it made me ask the question. It's pretty easy to figure out how a man becomes a woman. Just cut off the protruding part no longer wanted. But when a woman wants to become a man, where do they get the extra part needed? It's not like an auto salvage yard where you go and ask some guy covered in grease for a part for a 1973 Chevy. Chaz Bono doesn't appear to be missing a finger so it wasn't like a skin graft taken from one part of the body to repair damage to another part of the body. That's not normally a body part people choose to donate.  Maybe they just gave Chaz a Playgirl magazine and said, "Pick one out."

Perfect Response to Pushy Salespeople

Salespeople Who Understand Every Word in the English Language Except NO

The last time I bought a printer at an electronics store, the associate tried to sell my husband and me an extended warranty on a $90 printer. My husband kept telling the associate that we weren't interested in buying the warranty. The sales associate followed us through the store continuing his sales pitch. We were at the register and we were still telling this associate no thank you. I was quiet throughout the entire exchange until I had gotten fed up with the associate's lack of understanding.

I turned to my husband and asked, "How many times did you tell this person you weren't interested in the extended warranty?"

"At least a dozen," my husband replied.

When I said, "Then, why is he still talking?" the associate stopped talking and went back to his department.

Why Retailers Make You Feel Like a Criminal Everytime the Sensors Go Off

 I was going into the same electronics store mentioned earlier when something in my purse set off the sensors at the front of the store.  The loss prevention associate working the desk stopped me and asked if I had anything in my purse.

I said, "I have a lot of things in my purse, none of which is any of your business."   I proceeded to continue into the store without another word from the associate.

Why Retailers Put ATM Machines Next to the Front Door

So many times retailers will have their ATM machines stolen. When the survelliance video is shown by the news media, the ATM machines are right next to the front door. The store's manager is confused why it was so easy for the culprit to get away with the money dispenser. The store replaces the stolen machine and puts it right back in the same place. They might as well put a trailer hitch on the side of the machiine when it's installed.

He Didn't Get Hit

Why Batters Charge the Mound Unarmed

 I have seen quite a few baseball games in my time.  Everytime the batter gets hit with a pitch and wants to charge the mound, he leaves the bat behind.  If I was going to charge the mound with the intention of beating up the pitcher, I'm going to take the bat with me.

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