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Hayley Griffiths

Updated on April 5, 2016
  • Birth Name Hayley Louise Griffiths
  • Height 170 cm
  • Birth Date September 25, 1985
  • Birth Place Surrey, England
  • Occupation Singer
  • Vocal Category Soprano
  • Genres Classical Crossover, Celtic, Pop, Vocal
  • Years Active 2010 - present
  • Label Surefire Music Group
  • Official Website

Hayley Griffiths is an English soprano who has received international recognition following her success in two world tours and of her first two studio albums.

Born and raised in Surrey, England, Hayley began singing at an early age. She later earned a Grade 8 ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and the prestigious ABRSM Performance in singing.

2010 saw the launch of Hayley's recording career with the debut of Silver Screen, her first solo album. Critics and listeners immediately recognized her gift in songwriting and since then she has amassed a handsome sum of fans. Hayley's second solo album, Celtic Rose, seated her on the classical crossover platform, leading her to be labelled 'featured artist' on the front page of, and simultaneously acquiring herself yet another huge following of a different genre.


Hayley's musical performances' credits are too numerous to be listed here but among her most notable ones are as principle female soloist on "Riverdance" and as Erin the Goddess on Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance." She has also embarked on several world tours with the two shows across Europe, North America, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and China singing before thousands each night. Hayley too has had the opportunity to perform before Her Imperial Majesty Empress of Japan while in Tokyo and at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. In November 2009, she performed as the featured act at the New York Horror Film Festival, and in 2010, she was featured on "Ragus" as special guest vocalist.

Apart from singing and performing, Hayley is a part-time model and an amateur photographer, and has also starred in BBC's dramas since she was a child, notably in 'The Aristocrats' as young Lady Emily Lennox.

In February 11, 2011, it was announced that Hayley would be joining Welsh progressive rock band, Karnataka, as its new lead vocalist.

Our Love Video Shoot
Our Love Video Shoot | Source


Hayley is a classically-trained vocalist who sings in French, German, and Italian, besides English. At the tender age of six, she began taking singing lessons and later attended the independent Laine Theatre Arts school (Alma mater of Victoria Beckham) for 10 years. She undertook intensive vocal training with mezzo-soprano Louise Crane as well.

Many positive adjectives have been used to describe the qualities of Hayley's voice. Classical Crossover UK describes her sound as having a modern new age ring. Her soprano is clean and bold with a warm-textured feel adding elegance. She switches from pop voice to classical voice and vice versa effortlessly as in Our Love and effectively employs the techniques of resonance and vocal and electronic layering. She also skillfully adjusts her vocals accordingly to suit the mood, tones, and genres of her songs.

Hayley's performance in her two albums sees her excel in both the classical and pop sphere.



Despite not having a major record label, both of Hayley's solo albums, produced by Surefire Music Group, have garnered many positive reviews since their releases. The UK remains her albums' biggest market for now, however.

Silver Screen, Hayley's debut album, offers listeners a cinematic experience with its tracks tailored for film and TV scores. In addition, it won '2010 Album of the Year' in the Classical Crossover Awards. The single Our Love, one of the prime highlights of Silver Screen, is featured along with the works of 15 other singers and musicians as part of a limited edition Classical Crossover Compilation CD available at

Celtic Rose, Hayley's second album, is her first wholly Celtic album composed of traditional and contemporary Irish and Scottish songs, allowing her to flaunt her pure soprano, and therefore, earning her a new position as a classical crossover artist.

Studio Albums

  • 2010: Silver Screen
  • 2011: Celtic Rose


  • Separated By Glass (debut single of Silver Screen)
  • Our Love (from Silver Screen)


My comment about Hayley ~

"Hayley is both prolific and charismatic, and has the potential to make it big with her recording career. At only 26 (as of 2011), her life has been very colorful and she has already performed on the huge stages of three continents. Her bright red hair seems to be her trademark appearance and hopefully she will keep it that way."

All pictures are courtesy of Hayley Griffiths.


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