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Heroes Reborn Episode 3: Under The Mask Recap

Updated on October 10, 2015


I'm gonna try to shake up how I do recaps a little bit. Instead of just literally recapping what everyone does, I'll input a bit more of my thought and theories. I figured I'd share that.

Miko Otomo facing off against the security guards
Miko Otomo facing off against the security guards | Source

The show pops up with Miko, the Japanese girl who has entered into a virtual game world at times, appears in the Yamagato Building where he father is reportedly kidnapped to. She fights the security until a new individual a black man named Harris, shows up and disarms her. It's later revealed that her father is not time-traveling Hiro (it's the name of a man I don't recognize) although during an interrogation Harris accuses Miko of either being an actual daughter or her father's 'best work.' This leads me to believe that Miko's father has a power similar to Isaac Mendez, where his paintings and artwork take on supernatural elements. While Isaac was able to predict the future, perhaps Miko's father creates actual people, and Miko is a kind of construct?

New Ando (as I call Miko's plucky sidekick Ren Shimosawa) arrives, takes a picture of Renautus's CEO, and saves Miko by attacking Harris. Miko slices off his hand and they leave, only for Harris to regrow his hand and the hand to regrow Harris. So, Harris is able to clone himself by severing body parts, which might make him largely unkillable in the future. Miko and Ren leave after the CEO to get her sword back, a sword that is also referred to as Hiro's sword.

It's curious is Miko has an ability or not. As the story is hinting towards, Miko is likely just a construct, which allows her to have her skills hard-wired into her system, as well as her integration into the virtual world. Hiro's sword never had this ability before, so it might be more connected with Miko than the sword simply being unsheathed. However, we have yet to see any other character unsheath the sword, so this is still just a theory.

Noah Bennett in efforts to save a grown up Molly Walker
Noah Bennett in efforts to save a grown up Molly Walker | Source

Noah Bennett takes Quentin took a hospital for his bullet wound caused by the serial killer couple from last episode. There, he's recognized and security hunts for him. Bennett takes one guard hostage and demands to see tape recordings of when he was last at the hospital (which was the same day the convention at Primatech happened and where Claire supposedly died). Through the tapes, he recognizes that he was there with Molly Walker and believes that he met with Hiro as well. He leaves with Quentin back after Molly.

Molly remains kidnapped and taken by Taylor and other agents, soon to be revealed to be Renautus employees. Taylor herself is intimate with the telekinetic who helped bring in Molly but he was ordered to be left behind. Taylor is also the daughter of Erica, the CEO of Renautus who is now in possession of Hiro's sword. Once she is delivered for a product presentation of something called E.P.I.C., which is revealed to use Molly's ability to find people as a battery to find Evos all over the world. Noah Bennett arrives to save her but she seems freaked out by his presence, says something about ruining a plan, and runs right back into Renautus's arms who hooks her up, torturing her as the project comes online. What in the world could Noah Bennett have forcibly forgotten that could be worse than personal torture?

Luchador Batman fighting against someone after the Evo Underground Railroad
Luchador Batman fighting against someone after the Evo Underground Railroad | Source

Back to Tommy, who learns how to teleport himself in addition to teleporting other things. He goes to a party and it's pretty cut and dry teenage attempt to impress the girl stuff. However, an angry mother follows him to the party and confronts the man who's been watching over him and protecting him. She threatens him, takes Tommy, and the two of them get hit by a vehicle while driving away.

Carlos (the brother of the dead luchador vigilante) takes up his brother's mantle in efforts to protect the Evo Underground from dirty cops. After a little intervention from his family's familiar clergyman (who has an Evo power to materialize into smoky vapor, a unique power so far), he saves a handful while being beaten up by a dirty cop Evo. Still, Carlos survives being thrown through several support beams and jumps out a window at least two stories up while running away, so Carlos probably has some ability he has yet to embrace.

And as for my least favorite part of the show, the serial killer couple of Luke and Joann (who reportedly lost a son to the June 13th Incident) contemplate where they should go to kill next, as they now have all of Noah Bennett's files about various Evos. Luke still seems slightly hesitant but still keeps shooting along with her even if he's not as outwardly passionate about it. It becomes strange when he starts superheating objects that he's touching. It's very similar to the Exploding Man from the first season of Heroes, so I'm thinking he may even have caused the explosion of June 13th. Joann is still on my hate list for being so offensively 1-dimensional, so unless there's a twist in her character, she's still the low point for me.

Erica, the CEO of Renautus
Erica, the CEO of Renautus | Source

Closing Comments

I'm not particuarly thrilled where it's at, although I do like the evil organization having been updated with active Evo hunting abilities. Noah's reasons for erasing his own mind are the main draw for me in this show but no other character arc really seems super original or charismatic. I'm not against the show though, and I'm still looking forward to the next episode. In addition, we still have more than a handful of guest appearances from previous characters that we're waiting on. Otherwise, I liked Harris's introduction and Tommy learning how to manipulate his powers better, as well as Luke's revelation of his own powers if only to end the serial killer rampage they've been having between him and his wife. Answers to the current questions will probably dictate if I like this rebooted show or not.

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Further Reading

If you've missed it, I've written up a recap for episodes 1 and 2 as well.

Originally, I was going to keep this series up, but it's underperforming and I could do better things with my time. I'll keep watching but I enjoy aspects of it, but I'm no longer going to keep writing.


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