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Hilarious Music Videos

Updated on February 26, 2015


Music can come in all forms. In some cases, those forms were funny in that they were songs that used other songs to make a new song. Whether it was made to express one's sentiment about a certain object or weather pattern, retold a story in a unique and fascinating manner, or even used a song produced by another band to tell an entirely different story. In the YouTube animated video parody of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, called Winter's F***ed Up, the singers expressed their displeasure in a hilarious fashion that used a family-friendly source in a family-unfriendly manner. In the animated music video Three Little Pigs, sung by Green Jelly, the entirety of the story The Three Little Pigs was retold with heavy metal aesthetics and modern day references that were funny if the viewer understood the references that were being sung, like the use of Rambo near the end. Weird Al Yankovic, as written in my other article Hilarious Songs Sung By Real People, was experienced with making songs that made people laugh, so a song about the Hanna-Barbera sitcom The Flintstones by using two songs the Red Hot Chili Peppers was somewhat predictable, but still hilarious. That song was titled Bedrock Anthem. Comedy did not have to take the form of some long series or a television special on HBO. Sometimes singing could be an excellent source of comedy if the listener knew about the references that were being made or what the source material was.

The singers of Winter's F***** Up.
The singers of Winter's F***** Up. | Source

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

People have different opinions about the weather. Some like certain weather condition, while some dislike certain weather conditions. Heavily. In a parody of the song Winter Wrap Up from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the song Winter's F***ed Up had singers parody a song that originally was about how ponies were tasked with making Winter transition in Spring and turn it into a song that expressed various negative aspects about Winter in general. With a lot of obscenities. With each singer representing the three pony species of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, an earth pony, a pegasus pony, and a unicorn pony respectively, each singer pointed-out specific reason why Winter was a hated season. The earth pony talked about how walking on snow and ice made going to certain places was made difficult, the snow was too thick, and that nobody enjoyed the increased chance of getting sick during Winter. The pegasus pony, like the other pegasus characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, had the ability to manipulate the weather, which she hated and voiced by saying how she was constantly snowbound, the weather was horrible, and the sidewalks were too narrow. The earth pony pointed out how Winter made her wear more clothes, she was unable to see well because of the weather, and the formation of icicles added another danger by introducing death by falling icicles. Basically Winter's F***ed Up was a song about how Winter should be hated, and even if Winter was enjoyed by anyone because of the holidays that came with Winter, things would get worse once those holidays were over. Also Californians were lucky to avoid having to deal with Winter.

Green Jelly

Some songs retold familiar stories with new aesthetics. Three Little Pigs, a song by the band Green Jelly, told the story of The Three Little Pigs, but with more heavy metal aesthetics. One hilarious and interesting aspect about this music video was the characterization of the three little pigs. The pig who built his house out of straw was portrayed as a farmer who had dreams of living in the city and playing on a guitar. The pig who built his house of of sticks was portrayed as a drug user who smoked marijuana and made his house out of discarded trash and sticks. The pig who built his house out of bricks was a genius who used his education to build a fancy house in a fancy neighborhood. Ironically, the Big Bad Wolf looked rather goofy in this music video, when he was not wearing a pair of sunglasses. Even the way the wold got taken out of the story was funny. The wolf still failed to blow down the third pig's house, mostly because it was made with bricks and concrete, but rather than attempt to break-in the house house of the third pig, the third pig just called 911 to deal with the wolf. And the wolf was dealt with. By Rambo. Who proceeded to shoot the wolf dead by firing machine gun rounds into his body. This grim-and-gritty interpretation to The Three Little Pigs was hilarious to viewers because of how over-the-top it took the story.

Cover art for the song Bedrock Anthem, sung by Weird Al Yankovic.
Cover art for the song Bedrock Anthem, sung by Weird Al Yankovic. | Source

Weird Al Yankovic

Cartoons have been used in comedies to make people laugh. "Weird Al" Yankovic specialized in making musical parodies which were funny if listeners knew the source material. Parodying both Under the Bridge and Give It Away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bedrock Anthem told the story of the daily life of The Flintstones. It also featured "Weird Al" Yankovic and his old band dressing-up to look like cavemen, wearing various articles of clothing that appeared in the series, and one of the band members even had a Fred Flintstone tattoo. As a music video that basically had the singer voice his desire to live in Bedrock, the city from The Flintstones, Bedrock Anthem used a lot of the animation and sound bites from the actual show. There were even references to The Flintstones like the two main families of the show, the daily life that was shown in all of the episodes, the fact that the character Bamm-Bamm had superhuman strength that could break an arm, and of course the fact that the cars in The Flintstones could be pushed by moving one's feet on the ground. There were even sound bites that contained the actual voices from the show. "Weird Al" Yankovic and his band also did various silly things during the music video. Things like playing the drums with animal bones while wearing a Loyal Order of Water Buffalo hat, the band members playing with random toys, random appearances of people wearing modern clothing, and a dog and chicken. Bedrock Anthem was both a silly and surreal music video.

The little pig who made his house out of straw. First to get his house destroyed.
The little pig who made his house out of straw. First to get his house destroyed. | Source

Lyrical Hilarity

Music can be hilarious depending on the context of the lyrics. In the case of parodies, matching a song but changing the lyrics can be a good source of comedy. In Winter's F***ed Up the fact that an obscene song like this one could be based on a kid's show is both funny in its content and in its message. Three Little Pigs was funny because the heavy metal retelling had aspects that most readers of the original book would not expect, like Rambo shooting the Big Bad Wolf to death. "Weird Al" Yankovic, being a singer experienced with making funny songs, made a music video that was funny in that it was a funk rock song about The Flintstones, which was comedic in both its lyrics and music video. A lot of song were funny; these were just some examples.


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