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Horror Comedy Reviews Zombieland

Updated on April 12, 2010

Zombieland Film Review

Zombieland Movie Review.
Zombieland Movie Review.

Zombieland Movie Review

Zombieland film review

Zombies, comedy and horror all in one, much like the classic Shaun of the Dead this fuses horror with comedy as the story begins all ready with the zombie apocalypse already underway which was caused by someone eating an infected cheeseburger or something which was hilarious. Although with this film you have to understand some of the humor as you have to know some Americanisms and stuff, but there isn't any need for a translator as most of the funny moments come when Woody Harrelsons character is in search of a box of Twinkies amidst the zombie horror and I like to think of the comedy as universally understandable.

I like these types of horror comedies and it's not a wonder why these don't become instant cult classics and what better way to do a horror film than with zombies, because everyone's a secret fan of the zombie genre, even though they've been done to death. Zombieland has some classically great horror moments in it even though it's part comedy and you can guess that the gory moments are when the zombies get killed or someone gets eaten.

Two sets of survivors try to out do each other for survival until they realise at the end that they are needed by each other to truly survive, plus there is a cameo from Bill Murray who is playing himself whilst trying to fit in with the zombies by dressing up as one and so he gets shot because someone thinks that he's a zombie, it would only happen to Bill Murray hahaha!

It's nice to see that zombies are all the rage these days even now since old George Romero brought us Night of the Living Dead and it's great to see a zombie movie come out that doesn't replay all the same types of horror that has gone before, although in a way this does, but at a fairground too which was kind of cool seeing some of the zombies knocked out of the way by a fairground ride and also the films opening sequence to a rock track whilst people get killed by the zombies.

Zombie land is a good film and one I'd certainly recommend on dvd or blu-ray....

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Zombieland Movie Review

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    • Budman610 profile image

      Budman610 6 years ago from Ohio

      This is a great movie! I still have it on my DVR!

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      eh????? I wear y-fronts on my head now being an elite hubber!

    • profile image

      kimberlyslyrics 7 years ago

      Well, you missed the fact zombieland rhymes with eldiiiiiehand, a rare disease caused from elite decisions. I pray you'll be ok, I do.


    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yeah this one was cool Earnest!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I'll go see this with my son, a big fan of these comedy horror shows. Don't mind em meself either!