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House: Risky Business

Updated on December 6, 2013

Risky Business


House: Risky Business

House has hit bottom as the opening of this season he is serving a prison sentence and in order to save a patients life he gives up vicodin. He has Foreman as his new boss and has lost his diagnostic team well not really but most of his diagnostic team. Sobriety isn’t all that it is cracked up to be for House. His confidence is a bit shaken and he has been reduced to a mere mortal like the rest of the doctors in the hospital. He even lost Wilson as a friend for a while but then Wilson decide to accept House back into his life for reasons I a not certain anyone could articulate.

So now House has managed to recruit a few people back into his life one of which was 13 who he fired so she could go live a happy life with her girlfriend in Greece. And then there was two diagnosticians left on House’s team.

And House does appear to be a changed man for all intents and purposes truly remorseful for his past mistakes but it is Halloween and there is absolutely no way House has matured that much in such a short amount of time besides House is clean so no treats only tricks. So on Halloween the games shall proceed and let the victor reap the spoils of Halloween pranks.

Trailer House


House manages to black mail one of his wealthy patients in Mandarin with a mental illness diagnosis to obtain funding for his diagnostic team. House agrees to not diagnose the businessman who wants to move his operations to China with a mental disorder provided the wealthy businessman fund House. House truly has a knack for for fund raising.

Foremen figures it out and tears up the check.

House has a bet he can get one intern fired, Dr. Park, and is hitting the other intern, Dr. Adams, up for loans. Neither of Houses interns like him nor is he found of them and only yearns for his old team back. So much so a lazer worth 200 k suddenly disappears.

Dr, Park has a disciplinary hearing in which he tries to have her fired. But Dr. Park makes a plea for her job. Dr. Adams has chemistry with House and she is quite the crusader compared to House. Dr. Parks manages to keep her job and wins the bet with House. And just as House is about to snap he manages to save the patient.

In the end House gets his funding and his team back. In the end he offers Dr, Adams away to vent her anger. He finally gets to hire Dr. Adams, Dr. Park, Chase and Toub as his new diagnostic team.


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