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How Anyone Can Become A Model-Start Your Modeling Career Today

Updated on December 4, 2012

Never Thought Of Modeling? We Are Looking For You!

Becoming a model has got to be on the to do list of every little girl to young woman or man at some point in their life. In the early days of modeling young girls were taught that if they were not skinny and a over 5'11 they could forget about the industry.

Look at the commercials and movies everywhere are real down to earth people that are casted in more rolls than the typical runway model type.

Never give up your modeling career because of what you think an agency wants. There are agencies that are having a hard time looking for the right person for casting call needs because the people they need will not come forward. They need Lifestyle Models.

Strange Things A Modeling Agencies Look For In Some Models

  • thug type
  • homeless straggly type
  • androgynous male models
  • elderly person of all backgrounds
  • skate boarding muscular type
  • guitar playing nerd look

As you can see the types of people model agencies are looking for are not what a lot of people expect. If becoming a model is something you always dreamt of go for it. If you go to Drakebook website and look under casting and auditions to see the current modeling jobs available. You will notice that they may have nothing to do with modeling but with acting, so keep your mind open.

How Can I Become A Model

  1. Determination
  2. Flexible
  3. Simply groomed for calls.
  4. Professional Pictures
  5. Licensed agency
  6. Portfolio
  7. Modeling training

How To Get A Model Agent

A model agent starts out being the agency you are assigned work from. Then with more experience and jobs under your belt you will recognize the agents you want to work with and hope they recognize you.

It is a professional agency that you can sign up with that will call you when your specific type is needed. They however will you to do your part and have all types of pictures so that they can better match you with the right paying gig.

If you don't have an agent and want to find modeling jobs in your area go to Casting Breakdown and insert the code DXM4856 when asked about the referral agent.

Modeling And Acting

If your dream is to become an actor you must realize that modeling and acting can go hand in hand. Many actors have started their careers from modeling jobs and commercials. Getting exposure is how you get in the right place at the right time.

Types Of Models

Life Style Models

Becoming a Life Style Model is when you are not the typical runway model type but you could be and any other body type or height. You should however be well groomed.

Fashion Models

A fashion model of course are models that do print and runway for clothing lines and all types of fashion shows.

Runway Models

Runway models are very tall men and women that walk the catwalk! At one time the only way to be taken serious as a model was to be tall and very thin. Thankfully today these models are more fit along with their thinner build.

If becoming a model is something you have always wanted to do or someone has told you that you should be and actor or onstage. Learn more at

Modeling Training

Fitness is important in modeling!


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