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How To Get Paid From Your Music Online, on Radio, TV and more!

Updated on April 23, 2013

There are a plethora of ways to get paid for the music you create. The thing is the methods can be so very scattered and one method may not cover everything you and you music may need. A Performing Rights Organization may not be enough anymore. Most methods of collecting money from your music have limitations. Here are the pros, cons and opinions of some of these methods.

1. Performing Rights Organizations:

Chances are high that you have heard of at least one of these companies. Most of your favorite big name artists are even a part of Performing Rights Organizations. The two major organizations in the US are BMI and ASCAP. The collect mone for musicians when their music is played on radio, tv, movies or other performances.

Both offer similar serves for artists. I suggest checking out their websites and asking other artists you may know who are a part of either one how they feel about the company they are with. I have asked many people how they like either BMI or ASCAP and have read many articles on both and realize it's like the debate between MAC or PC. The organization you pick will likely be chosen out of personal preference. There are not too many deviations in what one offers that the other may or may not. One major thing they do not offer is payment collection outside of the US.

quick tip: When joining, join as an artist AND a publisher at the same time!

2. CD Baby Pro:

CD Baby is so very good at picking up on what musicians need and noticed this flaw with the performing rights organizations and recently launched CD Baby Pro. Since it is not guaranteed that US rights organizations will know if your music is used overseas, CD Baby Pro registers your music with all the collection agencies around the world and collects global publishing royalties for you.

3. ReverbNation:

By now you should know this is my go to company for an independent artist/ musician/ singer/ band or whatever! No, Reverbnation did not delve fully into finding a way to directly pay musicians (diy or signed) every time their music is played but they did come up with a nice way to have your music placed on TV. This is a part of a premium service they offer. This service is only offered to a select group of ReverbNation artists. The range of places your music could be placed are worth signing up to ReverbNation if you haven't already.

As I opened up, there are a ever growing range of methods to get paid off of your music and it's nearly impossible to name all of them. Youtube is another avenue with many methods of profiting from your music that deserves its own article and there are many!

What performing rights organization are you a part of?

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