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How to Attract Women The Best Guide to Picking Up Women

Updated on March 28, 2010

 This Lens has been developed for any guy who is having trouble picking up girls and needs the best advice on how to attract women. With these tips you will get success in no times. If you want to learn effective attract women tips then Click the link below.


How to Attract WomenHow to Get a Girl to Notice You
Pick Up Women Instantly
How to Get a Girl to Notice You

So many guys struggle with what it takes to get a woman to notice them. You've probably done this yourself as you wondered what makes some guys appealing over others. You've probably checked a girl out from across the bar and never got a second glance. Were you trying too hard? Probably because that's what men do! You were also probably not making yourself noticeable, and that's a big part of the problem. Too many men just blend into the crowd of other men out there, and therefore a woman will never stand up and take notice. Don't let this happen-with a few simple steps you can be successful at getting the women to notice you. Here are some effective How to Get a Girl to Notice You tips.

One great tip of How to Attract Women is to give your wardrobe an overdrive - If women aren't noticing you, then it may have something to do with what you're wearing. Are you still wearing that old t-shirt and raggedy pair of jeans to the bar? If you notice, the guys that get a second look are dressed a bit differently. Get some cool and trendy staples to add to your wardrobe because a woman wants to see that you care about what you wear. Not to say that she wants you to care more than she does, but if it's not working the way that it is, then maybe it's time to try out some different clothes as a starting point.

Be something nice to look at. Adding to the clothes, you also want to be something good for her to look at. This means that you care about your appearance and that you aren't stuck in a rut. This will show right away because if you think that women don't care about physical appearance and attraction, then you're kidding yourself. The first thing she will notice is how you look, so make it count just as you would want her to.

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How to Attract Women Guide

Have a good smile and use it a lot. A man that has a scowl on his face is a turn off to a woman. They don't want that "tortured" look, they want a guy that knows how to smile and have a good time. They probably have enough stress in their lives and they will never give you a second look if they perceive that you could add to it. So learn how to smile appropriately and show off that toothy grin whenever you can.

Know how to be charming without coming across as creepy. Charm is what most women look for, and this is an important way to get noticed. The smile, the look, the way in which you present yourself will all matter. It may not matter to you as a guy as you are totally focused on physical appearance initially, but it matters to her. Learn how to find your inner charm and put it out there for her to see.

Know how to sell yourself without being a used car salesman. Cool, calm, and confident are all words that come to mind when we think of how to sell ourselves. If you can't sell yourself then how can you expect her to ever be interested? Put yourself out there but don't overstep your boundaries and turn yourself into a used car salesman. Be honest but be a bit aggressive when it really counts.

Be able to stand apart from the crowd. There's a ton of people in the bar and likely a bunch of guys interested in her, so why would she care about you? Make eye contact with her, follow along with her gaze, flash a charming smile when appropriate-- do something to stand out from the crowd because initially that's all you've got. Be different than every other Joe Schmoe out there because that's what will get her attention and draw her in.

Be confident that you are something worth noticing. If you're not confident about who you are and what you have to offer, then why would you ever expect her to be? You've got to put the right vibe out there that you are something worth noticing. This means that you are confident and comfortable, and that you show her without saying a word that you are a guy that she should invest some time in.

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