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How to Find More Netflix Titles

Updated on May 29, 2012

We have had Netflix in our house for about 3 months. We primarily use our Playstation 3 to instantly stream movies. After about the second month, we could no longer find movies or t.v. shows that we hadn't already watched or were actually interested in. We considered cancelling our Netflix subscription but I found there are more movies than the ones you see on the main screen. While Netflix themselves does not seem to have a good way to browse all of their titles, there is a website that helps users do just that. Go to to browse Netflix titles by genres, world, new, visual, popular, etc. They make finding more Netflix movies or t.v. shows a lot easier. They even allow you to play the titles straight from their website.

If you want a website that is a little more flashy than instant watcher, go to They allow you to browse Netflix titles, movies in the theater, movies in Redbox and iTunes. Their browsing tool is interesting and seems to work very well. I love using both websites, if you have lost interest in all of the movies you can find on Netflix, try these tools to find those that you cannot.

While Netflix tries to help users find movies they will like by the top 10 movies for you list, this usually fails to live up to the users movie preference. At one point in time I had a Barney movie listed in my top 10 and while I may have enjoyed a good dance or song from a certain purple dinosaur as a child, I can assure you I have no interest at this age or for my daughter. I must say though, do to this instant watcher service, I have no longer considered cancelling my Netflix subscription. I hope that if you were considering cancelling your subscription as well that this service helps you keep it.


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