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Unplug the Boob Tube and Watch TV Without the Cable Company

Updated on March 27, 2022
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Charles does a lot of things himself, including remodeling houses and RVs.

Bigger is Better


Great TV, starts with Great Reception.

Roof Top Antenna
Roof Top Antenna

Free Yourself

Before you begin this venture, you may have to visit your local Walmart, Radio Shack, or online retailer for some important items. Let us begin with the Roof Top Antenna. In order to receive your local news channels and up to 100 channels in stunning HD quality, you are going to need a good antenna. Prices range from $50.00 to $150.00 for a UHF/VHF HDTV Outdoor Antenna. This is the type of antenna I recommend for your HDTV needs. This antenna should be mounted as high as possible to minimize interference from trees and buildings. It should also be pointed in the general direction of the broadcasting station or stations.

HDTV With A Digital Tuner

Another must-have is an HDTV-capable television with a digital tuner. These TVs can be found for as low as $149.00 for a decent 32" HDTV. My personal opinion is, if you have the room, bigger is definitely better when it comes to HD. A 42" Television or larger should really help liven up any space that it is in, pair it with a soundbar and your entertainment needs should be filled for a long time to come. So, to far we have an Antenna and a TV set up in the home, we should be receiving local HD TV channels and watching the nightly news in HD for FREE! Now continue on with me for the streaming content and movies!!

Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Etc

I thought to myself, how can I avoid a $200.00 per month cable bill and still be able to watch top shows and movies while enjoying a savings of approximately $175.00. A lot of research led me to choose Amazon Prime as my streaming TV and movie provider. I enjoy viewing it from either my internet-connected LG Blu Ray player or my Sony TV internet streaming device. These streaming video providers are reliable and offer HD picture quality. The great thing about Amazon Prime is that once a member, you can enjoy thousands of free movies and the ability to rent or own thousands more all for $79.99 per year. That is about $6.66 per month, cheaper than both Netflix and Hulu Plus. I have been using this service for over 6 months and I haven't even touched the surface of all the content offered. It can't hurt to give this system a shot, more and more people are dropping cable and enjoying quality HDTV and movies without the high prices associated with the giant cable conglomerates.

Which do you prefer?

Which Streaming Video service are you using?

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Try out this Small Survey to see what America is Watching

Hopefully we can get an idea of what people are watching other than high priced Cable!!!

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© 2013 Charles Kikas


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