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How to waste time? Different ways to waste time when you are bored and have nothing to do

Updated on December 29, 2012
Tired of being super productive all the while? Take a break, do nothing and waste some time.
Tired of being super productive all the while? Take a break, do nothing and waste some time.

How to waste time? A question in satire or a much needed answer in a fast paced 9 to 5 life, call it what you want but it may be high time when you did absolutely nothing and wasted a few hours. This post goes through different ways to waste time which can be just the answers you need to pass time when you are bored and have nothing to do. Go ahead, take a break and enjoy a few moments of your life doing nothing productive.

1) Sleep in until noon: No effort time wasting activity

Waking up early can rob you of those precious cuddly moments with your blanket. Sleeping in until late noon, twisting and turning in a comfy bed and daydreaming until the doorbell rings can be the perfect recipe for wasting time.

This is an enjoyable activity so you may not need much effort in accomplishing it. Forgetting to set the alarm, drawing your curtains fully and putting a Do Not Disturb placard on the doorknob of your room is all it will take to waste time to the fullest.

2) Flip through pictures on your iPhone, tablet, laptop

Looking through image albums on your iPhone or any other smart device can be a lot of fun. It is only at the end of it when you are likely to realize that you wasted a lot of time. If you want to waste even more time, organize your pictures in different folders according to different categories.

3) Draw an object lying in front of you

Doodling can be a really good way of wasting time. If you are wondering what you should doodle on your notepad, fetch the object lying nearest to you. Draw that object in your book with a pencil and try to create a life like replica by duplicating the exact effect of light and shade on the object. En route to becoming an artist or waste of time? You decide.

4) Organize your wardrobe according to category even if it is organized

Cleaning and sprucing up something that is already clean can be utterly satisfying but an inevitable waste of time. Empty your entire wardrobe, get rid of the stuff you don't want anymore and rearrange your closet step by step.

Stack your clothes according to pairs, color combinations or types such as formal, informal, semi-formal, casual, party or dressy. A couple of hours are likely to fly by before you even know it.

5) Chat with your friend on the phone

Chatting with a bff over the phone for hours together can be an entertaining and a wasteful activity at the same time. Talk about trending stuff, latest hipster fashion, new celebrity crushes, favorite TV shows, bedroom antics and a lot more.

Gossip away and watch the clock tick away. Be sure about your phone plan else this activity can bring you a fat bill at the end of the month.

Video games, computer games and online MMPORGs are no-brainers when it comes to wasting time.
Video games, computer games and online MMPORGs are no-brainers when it comes to wasting time. | Source

6) Play computer or video games: MMORPGs are the ultimate time wasters

Video games on your Sony Playstation or Xbox Console, single player computer games or online MMORPGs are a complete no-brainer when it comes to learning how to waste time. You can play computer games like Grand Theft Auto or The Sims in single player mode for hours together.

MMORPGs in particular are heavily time consuming and players are often known to give up other productive tasks like studies and work to level-up and fight wars in popular role-playing games. Check out World of Warcraft, Second Life, Age of Conan and Guild Wars to jump aboard the MMORPG bandwagon.

7) Waste time by revamping your computer hard disk

Defragmenting your disk, delete unwanted files, make new folders, take backups and move files from one location to another to waste time and feeling good about it. You may have not achieved anything but you are likely to feel satisfied.

Sit with a cup of coffee and play some music in the background while your computer slowly and steadily grunts through one task after another. This is an easy way to waste at least an hour or two of your time.

8) Read different newspapers

Convert newspaper reading from a morning habit to a total time wasting activity by getting all the different publications in your area. Walk up to your nearest gas station or supermarket and pick up one copy of each publication.

Come back home and spend hours flipping through page after page of print media as you sit back on a recliner and do nothing else. If you finish reading them quickly, go through the entire set again and read even sections like finance or business which may be outside your interest area.

9) Spend a day at a bookstore cum cafe

Spending most of your day at a bookstore can be an effective way of wasting time, especially if you are not a bookworm. Browse through the latest DVDs or PS2 games, flip through new magazines, take in the buzz of the place and enjoy a cup of coffee at the bookshop café while you are at it. It can be easy to spend an enjoyable yet wasteful day at a bookstore.

10) Feed birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family in your calendar

Feeding birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family in your phone or computer calendar is likely to be that task that you may have been always procrastinating.

If you want to waste time without thinking too much about how you can do it, set yourself to the mundane task of populating your calendar. Now you will never need to send belated birthday wishes to your friends or family.

Surf the internet aimlessly to waste time.
Surf the internet aimlessly to waste time.

11) Surf the internet aimlessly

The internet is an excellent resource and an ocean of information. It helps everyday users find helpful tips that have a positive effect on their daily lives.

The virtual world also has the potential to draw you into an entertaining loop of flipping through one website after another. If you are really serious about wasting time, simply log on to your favorite website and keep clicking one link after another.

12) Go through the profiles of all the people on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and others

Skimming through the profiles of all the people in your friend list on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace or LinkedIn can help you waste a lot of time. Social media presents you an opportunity to go on a virtually endless time wasting journey from one profile to another.

Spend hours as your hop from one photo album to another, browse through your friend's timelines, check out what your classmates have been tweeting, share Tumblr post, find mutual friends and do heaps of other things.

13) Sit in a bubble bath

There is nothing else like wasting time by soaking yourself up in a tub full of bubbles with a few candles by your side. A warm bubble bath may ensure that you lose track of time for the next few hours and end up with a rejuvenated face but loose and wrinkled skin.

14) Try some DIY stuff that you are sure you won't be able to finish

Trying DIY stuff from a book or from the internet can cut you back a few hours. Whether it is making a paper swan, clay figures or tomato soup, DIY stuff can help you waste a lot of time to accomplish silly things. You can find plenty of DIY resources on the web if you are interested in trying something for the heck of it and wasting time.

15) Watch your favorite movie again

Watching new movies may not be called a waste of time but watching your older favorites repeatedly can be. Whether it is the cult classic that you have watched at least 10 times or the rom-com that gets you weak in the knees every time you watch it - Get ready to waste at least two to three hours of your time by reaching out to that DVD of your favorite film gathering dust on the shelf.

Hop on to the train and ride on to the last stop and back. Look out of the window, daydream and watch the world and time fly by.
Hop on to the train and ride on to the last stop and back. Look out of the window, daydream and watch the world and time fly by.

16) Take a train to the end of the line and back

Wasting time can be fun if it involves traveling aimlessly. If you have ample time in your hand that you want to throw away, take a train on its first stop. Sit through the ride all the way till its last destination and the way back. You are likely to end up with a few interesting experiences and a complete waste of at least half a day.

17) Record your own videos

Recording and uploading home videos has become an official pastime since the popularity of YouTube. Convert this into a time wasting activity by recording silly videos of yourself. For instance, you can record yourself mimicking Angelina Jolie or playing the guitar. Play these videos again and again to get your kicks. Invite your friends to waste time with you by uploading these aimless videos online and sharing them.

18) Learn some magic tricks

It is impossible to master an art in a day. Trying to pick up a few magic tricks or card tricks can be an entertaining waste of time in which you will be left with no real knowledge. You can spend some time fumbling with a hat or a deck of cards trying hard to impress someone.

19) Re-paint a wall in your house

Painting a wall is not as fun or as easy as it seems. But if you want to while time away for no reason, it can be the perfect thing to do. From getting the paint, roller, ladder and other tools to cleaning up the mess after the job is done, repainting a wall in your house can keep you busy wasting time for a few hours.

20) Stare at the fish in an aquarium

If you have an aquarium or a fishbowl in your house, you have an ideal opportunity to waste time right in front of you. Pull a chair in front of your aquatic friends and watch them slither from one end of the aquarium case to the other. To making this time waste a little more interesting, throw some fish food from the top or pinpoint fingers on the glass of the case.

If you don't have an aquarium, go to your city's aquatic centre. Spend hours going from one tank to another as you try to interact with the different species of fish and other aquatic beings.

Getting bored and got nothing to do? While time away by finding a spot on the busy streets or a park bench. Observe everyone else scurrying around in the rut of life.
Getting bored and got nothing to do? While time away by finding a spot on the busy streets or a park bench. Observe everyone else scurrying around in the rut of life.

21) Sit on the street and watch the world go by

Call it day dreaming or call it a waste of time, either ways it serves the purpose. Find a nice bench or a cozy spot on the sidewalk of a busy street and watch the world go by.

Sit, stare, think, yawn, smirk, laugh, sip coffee, do nothing and waste as much time as you want. You may make some busy people very jealous.

22) Attend all the free events in your city

Attending free events in your city can help you waste time without actually feeling guilty about it. Set about with a newspaper and tick off all the spots in your city that host events with free passes.

Go event hopping with friends across town, irrespective of whether you are interested in any of these events or not. That is exactly what will make it a waste of time.

23) Style and cut a friend's hair

Styling, trimming and cutting hair looks fun and effortless when the staff at a beauty salon or a hairdressers do it, but it isn't. Take your efforts to waste time to a whole new level by calling your bff over and offering to cut his or her hair.

It is likely that your friend will have a whacky hairstyle by the time you have finished, if this is your first time. From grabbing the tools to making silly cuts to gasping at the results to cleaning up the mess after – styling your friend's hair can be a comic and priceless waste of time.

24) Wash your car even if it is relatively clean

Washing your car instead of taking it to the car wash may be an inexplicable waste of time, especially if your car is clean already.

Get your hands dirty and polish off your vehicle to the very last dirt spot. Pull out the matting and clean your car's interiors too. Scrub, scoop, wipe, dry and polish to your heart's content.

25) Rearrange your fridge or storeroom

While you may talk yourself into believing that you are de-cluttering and organizing your fridge, unnecessary rearrangements in reality are a complete time waster without any significant end result.

Pull out one thing after another and neatly rearrange everything, shelf by shelf. You are likely to eats lots of fruit, dig into treats, snacks or leftovers while you waste time rearranging your fridge or storeroom.


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    • saitam profile image


      8 years ago from Lisbon

      Nice tips. The harder part of wasting time is when you are somewhere you do not want to and have a limited things to do.


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