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I met Bob Dylan

Updated on November 17, 2010

I stayed with Bob Dylan in Hawaii for several weeks

My friend suggested I write about the well known people I have met. When we counted them up I was shocked. I have met over a dozen people that I consider famous. Bob Dylan I knew the best out of all the stars I have met because I spent the most time with him. I am not the star struck type but I do think it can be fun to met popular people and realize they are just like you and I. Heres my true story about the time I spend with Bob Dylan.

Some 25 years ago I was on a extended surf trip that ended in Hawaii. It as almost like one day I woke up and I was in Hawaii. I was young so that is probably how it really happened ;-) I visited many islands and spent my days surfing the famed Hawaiian surf. One day I decided to stop traveling at least for a few years. I bought a car and continued to roam the island surfing camping and learning all about Hawaii. The whole adventure was amazing.

One day I went to the post office to mail a gift. As I left it started to rain very hard and I noticed 2 men on the side of the road carrying a large mail bag. Quite unusual, I stopped and offered them a ride they were soaked. They didn't really look familiar to me. I didn't recognize Dylan until days later. They invited me to stay at their place and said they had an extra room and no car ? Would I mind touring them around for a few days? They wanted to surf.

Oh hell yes ! Free room they paid gas and I took them to the surf spots that I was surfing at everyday anyways! I stayed with them a week before Bob asked me to take him to the store to buy this old Silvertone Guitar. It was black with a silver front. I still didn't know it was Dylan. He bought the guitar. I thought it was odd that the guy, Bob Dylan had a huge mail bag full of mail and lots of cash. But no car? What ever! So he brought the guitar back to where we were staying. I asked him if he could play the guitar he said kind of yes. He said did I ever hear this sound and started to play Tangled up in Blue. I felt so stupid I had been living with Dylan for over a week now and didnt even know it. They were nice to be, He was traveling with a friend, Bob found out I like to bake and cook and was buying food everyday that he wanted me to cook. I baked Dylan and his friend several cakes, I even frosted them. He and his friend stayed 3-4 weeks paid the rent on the place and took off to places unknown.

Dylan talked to me alot about the duality of existence, Dude was heavy. It was strange because I wasnt a real Dylan fan althought I enjoyed his lyrics. But I still wonder why the heck did I get to stay with him I know people that would pay big money to just visit for a few hours with him.

I met George Clooney too

Dylan Art

One of Many Songs Bob Sung for Me


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  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Wow. That story was kind of rare and awesome. I'm young and my friend's dad meet bob dylan in Asia back in the glory days. Her dad always walked down the beach in the mornings and just one day he saw Bob Dylan siting there!! They just hung out and talked for a while.. I mean what are the odds that a swedish guy meets Bob Dylan in a beach in Asia, I dont know where in asia they were though, but I want to hear more about that story :D

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    Did he sing anything from Christmas In The Heart?

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    I love bob Dylan. Lucky you!

  • weightlossprogram profile image


    11 years ago

    thanks for sharin dis experience... dylan is one of my favorite writers

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    But I do perceive Bob as being some-one who does things his way, or wishes to go in this direction, and it's to others for others to follow, and that's why he got where he is at, but not so good on the old relationships. His life would be a struggle just like every-one elses, with it's good points and bad points. So I think Bob is always trying to say, I'm human too.

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    I can't imagine him being weird. I mean to be popular, you would want to hide yourself, and to not make so much contact with others for a break; he'd be treated differently too. I don't agree with a lot of character definitions others say, because they aren't academic enough to judge correctly. People have used his expressions and then accused him of the messages they perceive in their own minds. The only people I see as weird is every-one else. The music is so high a level of creativity it is genius. He is then very intelligent, and the only judge then would be him.

  • salt profile image


    12 years ago from australia

    Thankyou. Great story thankyou

  • profile image

    Bob Walker 

    12 years ago

    Hello Coolbreeze... really enjoyed you story of time with Dylan. The 60s era music is my fave. Drop by my blog sometime.

  • takka83 profile image


    13 years ago from Australia

    Ive read somewehre that Dylan had a house in Malibu. Great experience! did you get any photos???

    Anyone wanna read my list of the top 10 greatest albums? (in my opinion LOL) Ive writted a short description for each. I'd be interested to know how my tastes differ to other peoples.

  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    13 years ago from Hawaii

    Dylan surfed very good, We surfed bayfront in Hilo on what I would call a large day for Hawaii. He was fearless and complained that the surf was small compaired to Oahu. I suppose he had a house in Malibu so he could surf everyday, I am not sure.

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 

    13 years ago from Portugal

    I don´t know about surfing :D but he is now working on another art form - painting - and I think he´s also going to be remembered by his paintings

  • DonnaCSmith profile image

    Donna Campbell Smith 

    13 years ago from Central North Carolina

    That is cool. yep, I am a Dylan fan. How many "entertainers" have helped change the world? I am having a hard time picturing him surfing, though. LOL, how did he keep his balance?

  • J. September profile image

    J. September 

    13 years ago

    Awesome story. I've always been a huge fan, altho in awe of Dylan. He seems....different, mysterious. Anyway, that is one adventure you will truly never forget.

    Great hub.

  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    13 years ago from Hawaii

    Thanx for visiting, He was very different thats for sure. After he left a few of my surf buddies said Hey your friend is weird. Strange to here them calling Bob Dylan my friend.

  • Rik Ravado profile image

    Rik Ravado 

    13 years ago from England

    This an amazing tale - I've always been a huge fan of Dylan and he has always been a bit of a recluse. I'm sure it was because you accepted him as an ordinary person that he enjoyed your company. This is a really cool hub!

    Well done,


  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    13 years ago from Hawaii

    I always like her. Tryed to stay positive about Bob so many people admire him. He was one of the strangest people i have met. Check out my other hub where I met George Clooney ;-)

  • VioletSun profile image


    13 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

    Hey, this is fun, though I am not a star struck person and also probably wouldn't recognize a star sharing space with me until a week later, LOL!  its nice getting a glimpse of the real person behind the scenes.

     My ex works for Barbara Walters (okay, its not as thrilling as meeting Bob Dylan)  and he gets to meet a lot of well known people (I never met them). As for Barbara she is tough, but very loyal to her staff, hesitates to fire anyone,  retains them for decades and pays them very well no matter how menial the task may be. 

  • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

    Patty Inglish MS 

    13 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

    Another excellent hub. Cheers!

  • JamesRay profile image


    13 years ago from Philadelphia

    Dude, I am very envious. Dylan is a hero of mine. I think he is the greatest American Poet of the 20th Century, ahead of Donald Hall and William Bly, even. That is a great story.

  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    13 years ago from Hawaii

    Thanx for visitng my hubs funride.

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 

    13 years ago from Portugal

    Coolbreeze you really have a great life experience.

    I can imagine those crazy days! ;)

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • AuraGem profile image


    13 years ago from Victoria, Australia

    What an awesome experience! It is always good to hear of stars in new lights! Especially living in the lights of the common people! Nice article!


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