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In a galaxy far far away, before costume competitions at comic-con and such...

Updated on August 21, 2014

Get your "geek" on :)

Before the need of dressing "Sexy" at events and just going and loving them.

It is a wonderful to be an old school geek and nerd with a love for many things.

To look back to see how far everything has advanced is great.

But there seems to be something at comic cons and events like those that have changed and maybe being old school a little bit, it seems to have lost it's true "spirit" and "meaning".

Years ago, growing up, I have seen all the Star Trek films, the Star Wars films, Indiana Jones, and all those great films ranging from Gizmo to the Goonies to Superman and many things.

We just to love and watch and to events.

There was no competitive competition really going on, because if we dressed up, it wasn't the fact we really wanted to get noticed, but it was a place of "fitting" in and we had mutual respect towards one another and no one really thought of tearing another person done, they just really enjoyed a mutual place of admiration and adoring what we grew to love in our hearts.

Don't get me wrong, it is great seeing all these beautiful costumes and the people, but it seems to have taken a change, and believe me I know you do adapt to today's world, but how does it benefit the comic con conventions if people are tearing each other's costumes down, because of the way they dress?

Some people can't afford costumes and try to make them to their best ability and then people tear down the people who have a real admiration and adore what they watch so they want to express.

Why not embrace all those that show up and show love towards what is in their heart, instead of tearing someone down that can not afford a costume or doesn't know how to sew to good.

Why not embrace all those that do show up for the love of the shows and movies?

When I was younger and sitting in the movie theatre watching all the shows, I wasn't thinking who was the sexiest out of characters and granted I kind of had a crush on Sulu and even though Captain Kirk was kind of cute but enjoyed the whole entire cast.

Even watching all the first Star Wars films, in the theatre I wanted to be part of the action and wasn't thinking I want to be half dressed to be part of the action.

When watching the Goonies, you wanted to be with the kids on screen going on the adventure.

Seeing Gremlins, you wanted to protect the cute little Mogwai from the Gremlins and wanted to stomp on them.

Even watching Superman where you wanted to fly with him and wanted to fight Lex Luther with him or you where afraid to stay in the water at beaches because of one Shark named "Jaws".

I could go on and on about the tons of movies I was lucky enough to see in theatres growing up and remembering freaking out about clowns for a little while because of the ghost story "Poltergeist" and a little girl turning towards us mentioning "THEY'RE BACK" or an alien we wanted to be friends with eating Reeses Pieces, while reading on a bicycle flying through the air.

We want to go on jungle adventures with Indiana Jones and would love to crack a whip and even would try to brave "Snakes" just to save the treasures of the world.

Yes I could go on and on about adventures that we saw on the big screens and would go to filming and comic con conventions just to try and thank those that were part of the films, if they were available at the conventions because our child hood for a few brief hours on the big screens where filled with wonder.

We had muppets that sang and dance and love between a frog and a pig, while a crazy drummer Animal got into mischief.

We had magical puppets from Labyrinth to the Dark Crystal.

Once again, I could go on and on about the love for films that made us happy.

Now when you go to the comic conventions, it is nothing but "competitions" with costumes and people literally go out of their way on social media and "knock" people down, which ruined the whole spirit of the convention in the first place.

Granted there are quite a few people I personally know that have truly beautiful costumes, but their beautiful insides match these beautiful costumes they have made and that is indeed a great way to be at these conventions.

Maybe if more people keep lifting up other people and compliment people who try their best at making their costumes, who knows, maybe the people that can't make the costumes or afford the costumes you might inspire someone to someday make one of the greatest costumes at the convention and they would have you to thank them because you believed in them.

I think the mind frame at conventions should go back to how it use to be even though I got to admit the costumes have come a long way and they are so beautiful, yet I wish more people would embrace those with less talent and are poor and can't afford costumes so one day those people in return will help others to inspire them too.

Sometimes it just a few words of kindness to keep bringing the true spirit of the conventions going :)


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