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Interesting and Curious Things That You Should Know

Updated on December 26, 2010

This world is full of interesting and curious things and we are fortunate to be able to know this days more than any other time in history, internet and websites exactly like this one are a big reason for that, thinking about that below are some of those things that we discover every day trough a click of a mouse, hopefully with time the list will get longer:

1- In 1997 the American Airlines had an economy of $40.000 by eliminating a single olive from each served salad

2- The giraffe can clean her own ears with the tongue

3- Million of trees are accidentally planted every year by squirrels that bury nuts and don’t remember where

4- Eat an apple is more efficient to keep you awake than drink coffee

5- Ants stretch themselves in the morning when they wake up

6- People use more blue toothbrushes

7- Pigs are the only animals that like man get burned under the sun.

8- Nobody can lick his own elbow

9- Honey is the only food that do not deteriorate

10- Dolphins sleep with one eye open

11- One third of all ice-creams sold in the world are vanilla flavour

12- The nails from the hands grow approximately 4 times faster than the ones from the toes

13- The Ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain

14- Right-handed people live approximately 9 years more than left-handed

15- Its impossible to sneeze with the eyes open

16- The most powerful muscle in the body is the tongue

17- The letter ‘J’ is the only one that is not in the Periodic Table

18- One drop oil make 25 litres of water unsuitable for consumption

19- The chimpanzees and the dolphins are the only animals capable of recognizing themselves in the mirror

20- Laugh during the day makes you sleep better during the night

21- 40% of people watching news will answer ‘Goodnight’ back to the presenter when the program ends

22- Approximately 70% of people who reads the number 8 information will try to lick their elbow


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    • George Greene Jr. profile image

      George Greene Jr. 5 years ago from California PA

      you are right about the last 2 with me ! I do say goodnight to the pretty anchorwoman (probably because I have a crush on her)

      And yes I did try to lick my elbow(I was trying to impress the pretty anchorwoman!)