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James Bond 007 Movies

Updated on August 24, 2009
Dr No (1962)
Dr No (1962)
From Russia With Love (1963)
From Russia With Love (1963)
Goldfinger (1964)
Goldfinger (1964)
Thunderball (1965)
Thunderball (1965)
You Only Live Twice (1967)
You Only Live Twice (1967)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
Live and Let Die (1973)
Live and Let Die (1973)
The Man with The Golden Gun (1974)
The Man with The Golden Gun (1974)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Moonraker (1979)
Moonraker (1979)
For Your Eyes Only (1981)
For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Octopussy (1983)
Octopussy (1983)
A View to a Kill (1985)
A View to a Kill (1985)
The Living Daylights (1987)
The Living Daylights (1987)
Licence to Kill (1989)
Licence to Kill (1989)
GoldenEye (1995)
GoldenEye (1995)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
The World Is Not Enough (1999)
The World Is Not Enough (1999)
Die Another Day (2002)
Die Another Day (2002)
Casino Royale (2006)
Casino Royale (2006)
Quantum of Solace (2008)
Quantum of Solace (2008)

With the recent release of the 22nd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace it is interesting to look back at all the 007 movies. Based on the books by Ian Fleming, this spy is sexy and strong throughout the many movies, years and actors. The characters are recognizable from the leading ladies to the villains and even the theme songs. The Bond franchise has made a huge impact on the film industry and continues to produces hits such as:

 DR. NO (1962) –

 Bond - Sean Connery

 Leading Lady - Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder

 Villain - Joseph Wiseman as Dr. No. who was buried under a heap of guano.

 Theme Song - James Bond Theme and Three Blind Mice by Kingston Calypso

 Synopsis - James Bond tries to stop a Chinese doctor, Dr. No who wants to stop American rocket launches.


 Bond - Sean Connery

 Leading Lady - Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanov

 Villains - Robert Shaw as Red Grant who was stabbed and shot, Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb who was captured and died and General Grubozaboyschikov who survived

 Theme Song – From Russia With Love by Matt Munro

 Synopsis - James Bond tries to stop a plot to assassinate him by a Russian agent hired by SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion).

 GOLDFINGER (1964) –

 Bond - Sean Connery

 Leading Ladies - Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore and Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson (the gold girl)

 Villains - Gert Frobe as Auric Goldfinger who was strangled to death

 Theme Song – Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey

 Synopsis - James Bond goes after Auric Goldfinger, who is a gold magnate trying to make the gold supply of FortKnox worthless.


 Bond - Sean Connery

 Leading Ladies - Claudine Auger as Domino and Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe

 Villains - Adolfo Celi as Largo who was shot with a speargun in the neck and Ernst Stavro Blofied who survived.

 Theme Song – Thunderball by Tom Jones

 Synopsis - James Bond’s mission is to track the person behind the theft of nuclear weapons.


 Bond - Sean Connery

 Leading Lady - Akiko Wakabayashi as Ski Mie Hama as Kissy Suzuki

 Villains - Donald Pleasence as Blofeld strangled by Bond

 Theme Song – You Only Live Twice by Nancy Sinatra

 Synopsis - James Bond fakes his death to figure out who hijacked an American spacecraft from space.


 Bond - George Lazenby

 Leading Lady - Diana Rigg as Tracy Di Vincenzo

 Villains - Telly Savalas as Ernst Stavro Blofeld survived

 Theme Song – We Have All The Time in The World by Louis Armstrong

 Synopsis - After being removed from finding Blofeld James Bond goes out on his own only to find that Blofeld has a plan for biochemical warfare.


 Bond - Sean Connery

 Leading Lady - Jill St. John as Tiffany Case and Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole

 Villains - Jimmy Dean as Willard Whyte and Charles Gray as Ernst Stavro Blofeld

 Theme Song – Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey

 Synopsis - James Bond finds a diamond smuggling operation as well as a plot by SPECTRE to build a dangerous satellite.

 LIVE AND LET DIE (1973) –

 Bond - Roger Moore

 Leading Lady - Jane Seymour as Solitaire

 Villains - Yaphet Kotto as Kananga/Mr. Big who was eaten by a swarm of barracuda and sharks.

 Theme Song – Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings

 Synopsis - James Bond battles against heroin smugglers.


 Bond - Roger Moore

 Leading Lady - Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight and Maud Adams as Andrea Anders

 Villain - Christopher Lee as Scaramanga who was shot

 Theme Song – The Man with the Golden Gun by Lulu

 Synopsis - Scaramanga is hired to assassinate James Bond.


 Bond - Roger Moore

 Leading Lady - Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova and Caroline Munro as Naomi

 Villains – Mr Sanguinetti who survived and Sol Morant who was shot

 Theme Song – Nobody Does it Better by Carly Simon

 Synopsis - James Bond teams up with a female Russian agent to locate two missing nuclear submarines.

 MOONRAKER (1979) –

 Bond - Roger Moore

 Leading Lady - Lois Chiles as Holly Goodhead

 Villain - Michel Lonsdale as Drax who was killed by a rocket

 Theme Song – Moonraker by Shirley Bassey

 Synopsis - James Bond tries to figure out who is behind a hijacking of a space shuttle.


 Bond - Roger Moore

 Leading Lady - Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock, Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl and Cassandra Harris as Countess Lisl

 Villains - Julian Glover as Kristatos.

 Theme Song – For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton

 Synopsis - James Bond finds a smuggling operation after investigating the death of marine archaeologist.

 OCTOPUSSY (1983) –

 Bond - Roger Moore

 Leading Lady - Maud Adams as Octopussy and Kristina Wayborn as Magda

 Villain - Louis Jourdan as Kamal

 Theme Song – All Time High by Rita Coolidge

 Synopsis - Octopussy and James Bond come together to go against Khan who is plotting to use a nuclear bomb.

 A VIEW TO A KILL (1985) –

 Bond - Roger Moore

 Leading Lady - Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton

 Villains - Christopher Walken as Max Zorin and Grace Jones as henchwoman May Day

 Theme Song – A View to a Kill by Duran Duran

 Synopsis - James Bond uncovers a plot to cause an earthquake in Silicon Valley.


 Bond - Timothy Dalton

 Leading Lady - Maryam D'Abo as Kara Milovy

 Villain - Joe Don Baker as Whitaker

 Theme Song – The Living Daylights by Aha

 Synopsis - James Bond discovers a weapons smuggling scheme.


 Bond - Timothy Dalton

 Leading Lady - Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier and Talisa Soto as Lupe Lamora

 Villain - Robert Davi as Sanchez

 Theme Song – Licence to Kill by Gladys Knight

 Synopsis - Jams Bond seeks revenge for the wounding of his friend and resigns from the secret service

 GOLDENEYE (1995) –

 Bond - Pierce Brosnan

 Leading Lady - Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova and Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp

 Villain - Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan (Agent 006)

 Theme Song – Goldeneye by Tina Turner

 Synopsis - James Bond tries to prevent the use of GoldenEye to cause a global financial meltdown.


 Bond - Pierce Brosnan

 Leading Lady - Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin and Teri Hatcher as Paris Carver

 Villain - Jonathan Pryce as Elliott Carver

 Theme Song – Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow

 Synopsis - James Bond teams up with a Chinese agent to stop the start of a world war


 Bond - Pierce Brosnan

 Leading Lady - Sophie Marceau as Elektra King and Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones

 Villains - Robert Carlyle as Renard

 Theme Song – The World is Not Enough by Garbage

 Synopsis - James Bond investigates the assassination of a British oil tycoon


 Bond - Pierce Brosnan

 Leading Lady - HalleBerry as Jinx and Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost

 Villain – Tobey Stephens as Sir Gustav Graves

 Theme Song – Die Another Day by Madonna

 Synopsis - James Bond goes out on his own to find out who betrayed him when he gets his 00 status revoked


 Bond - Daniel Craig

 Leading Lady - Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

 Villain - Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre who was killed by a hitman

 Theme Song – You Know My Name by Chris Cornell

 Synopsis - James Bond plays a high-stakes game of Texas Hold 'Em to defeat a terrorist


 Bond - Daniel Craig

 Leading Lady – Olga Kurylenko as Camille Montes

 Villain - Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene

 Theme Song – Another Way to Die by Jack White and Alicia Keys

 Synopsis - James Bond goes after an organization to avenge a death

 The questions still remain what will be the next Bond movie and who will be the next Bond? Only time will tell but I will always look forward to the next installment of a hero that has spanned over 40 years with over 20 movies and 6 actors portraying the main character.


1. Dr No Theme Song – James Bond Theme and Kingston Calypso Three Blind Mice

From Russia With Love Theme Song – Matt Munro

Thunderball Theme Song – Johnny Cash

Casino Royale Theme Song – You Know My Name – Chris Cornell


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