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Joyce Randolph of The Honeymooners

Updated on April 5, 2013

Joyce Randolph

Joyce Randolph of The Honeymooners
Joyce Randolph of The Honeymooners

Remembering Old Hollywood Stars : Joyce Randolph

Joyce Randolph was born Joyce Sirola, her last name of Finnish descent and was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan on October 21st, 1924. Despite her good looks and stunning features, Randolph, also known as The Garbo of Detroit, had a relatively short professional acting career and started late but due to her performance in several high-profile television shows, Joyce Randolph has earned relative success in the show business and have been particularly popular amongst audiences due to her friendly and warmth nature.

Upon graduating high school, Joyce Randolph grew an interest in the arts and moved to New York City to seek opportunities in the Big Apple. Randolph’s initial career in the show business consisted mainly of supporting roles on Broadway musicals and plays, uncredited roles in television shows and more often than not, Randolph mostly graced television screens in the late 40s and early 50s on commercials. Randolph toured the nation for the play “Stage Door” and with her experience on stage and due to a commercial she shot for Clorets in 1951, Joyce Randolph accomplished the near-impossible feat of landing a noticeable role on a television show without the assistance of an agent or any talent scout.

Joyce Randolph Honeymooners interview

Her stunning performance on the Clorets commercial captured the heart and mind of actor and comedian Jackie Gleason and with Gleason’s assistance and recommendation appeared on I Cover Times Square and on a single episode of A Cavalcade of Stars, Gleason’s very own variety show, as one Trixie Norton. Her single performance on Cavalcade of Stars proved enough for fans, audience and critics of the show to warrant her a role in the hugely popular and famous The Honeymooners. It was during that period of fame as well when she met her husband, Richard Charles, well-known marketing personnel, at a church. They got married before long and the marriage lasted throughout her professional career, before Charles passed away in 1997.

Joyce's role as Trixie Norton catapulted her fame astronomically, and even after the run of The Honeymooners was over, Randolph reprised her role as Trixie in Gleason’s very own The Jackie Gleason Show. Randolph played the character of Trixie a total of over a hundred episodes spanning over two years and Randolph’s popularity became synonymous to The Honeymooners. Upon the cancellation of The Jackie Gleason Show in 1957, Randolph mostly disappeared from the television screen as she concentrated on her stage work and contributing to United Service Organizations (USO) where due to her major participation, she is serving as a board member.

Joyce Randolph was most recently seen on screen in a largely cameo role in the movie Everything’s Jake and when not on screen, lives in New York and can regularly be seen dining at Sardi’s Restaurant in Manhattan. Despite her short career in show business, Randolph achieved monumental success as an actress. Even though she did not get nominated or win any awards, her role as Trixie Norton will always be a fan-favorite and audiences worldwide definitely appreciates the work she has put into the show business.


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    • Kingwiththeaxe profile image

      Kingwiththeaxe 8 years ago from Washington , DC

      You make very interesting hubs, I wish I'd thought of HALF of them !!! LOL

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I loooooved the Honeymooners - so I remember 'Trixie' or Joyce Randolph very well!

      This is nice what you are doing - paying tribute to so many!

      Thank you!