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4 Life lessons for success to learn from Kandi Burruss

Updated on September 24, 2014

The businesswoman

Kandi Buruss is a singer, song writer and business woman from Atlanta in America. She was born on May 17 1976 and she has a daughter named Riley.

Kandi Burruss

Real housewives of Atlanta star and artist Kandi Burruss
Real housewives of Atlanta star and artist Kandi Burruss | Source

1. No-matter how successful you become stay humble

What makes this lady astounding is her humility, she has a mind for business and her voice is absolutely amazing but having all that she is still down to earth and she keeps it real. In the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta some of the ladies seem to have a competition of who has money and who can spend it the most. Kandi never brags about her money but surprisingly among the ladies she could easily be the wealthiest.

Kandi's singing show

2. Have multiple sources of income

Kandi owns a number of businesses which include an adult intimate luxury line called Bedroom Kandi which through the publicity of the show The real housewives of Atlanta has exploded over the years. She also owns a production company and has written many songs including the famous bills bills bills that was sung by Destiny's child back in the day. Recently she has also opened a boutique called tags which sells affordable clothes. Kandi is a great beleiver in living below one's means and her store is a true reflection of her philosophy. Another of Kandi's ventures is a radio program called Kandi coated nights this program can be streamed online and is hosted by Kandi and her co host Dj Aone and Nikki Nicole and they usually have a special guest to share experiences, stories, and facts. As a student of wealth one thing that I learnt quite quickly is that most successful people have multiple sources of income, they don't put all their eggs in one basket so to speak and this lady has managed to do just that.

3. Live below your means

In this day and age of instant gratification and people living on credit cards. The age in which the hype we get from celebrities is that of a flash life living below ones means seems out of fashion Kandi has been a continuous advocate for leaving below her means. She recently bought a house which is absolutely beautiful but she didn't get a loan from the bank she bought it in cash and still had money left over.

Kandi Buruss advice on how to stack money

4. Reinvent yourself

I really respect Kandi and the way that she has succeeded in her businesses. She said in one interview that she always looks out for new ideas and is not afraid of joining up with someone who has experience and has done it before like in the case of her store tags. She started off as a singer and song writer and still is, became a reality TV star, is the owner of a product line and a clothing store. Although there might be some links in some of her business each of her businesses is a reinvention so to speak of her talent and ideas.This humility and her down to earth nature makes her someone to be admired and esteemed. Her businesses maybe a little bit unconventional and some people might raise their eyebrows because of some of her choices but Kandi really is good people.

Kandi's former group Xscape

Kandi is at the far left in group photo of Xscape
Kandi is at the far left in group photo of Xscape | Source

Kandi the Singer

Kandi started her career in the music industry when she was still in high school with a group called Xscape with the likes of Tiny who is now T.I's wife. After the group broke up Kandi went solo as a singer and she also started to write songs for other artists as well. Kandi's inspiration comes from real life experiences and she has once said that people could actually tell whats going on in her life by the songs she writes during every period of her life, this is in my opinion what makes her songs a hit because people can relate to some of the experiences that she has been or is going through. She has done many hits including my favorite leave you and the amazing new song by her and Marvin Sapp called Stay prayed up.

Prayed up by Kandi Burruss and Marvin Saps

TV Shows

Kandi is currently on two shows on Bravo. Her new show Kandi Factory showcases how talented she really is because within a week she writes and she and her team produces many catchy tunes for each and everyone of the people that are on her show. As I mentioned before she is also on The real housewives of Atlanta and on this show we see her social side and we also get a glimpse of her day to day life

The real housewives of Atlanta


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