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Ghana celebrities : Chris Attoh

Updated on October 25, 2015
Chris Attoh
Chris Attoh | Source


Christopher Attoh Ghanaian born and raised is an Actor/ MC/ Presenter. Other than his obvious good looks we could go for hours talking about his acting abilities there is a quiet confidence about him that translates directly onto the screen and I think that is what makes him so talented. I think acting is in his blood because he is also related to the famous and fabulous Rama Brew. Chris studied art and then went on to become a banking and security major in London. His acting career started when he starred in a TV series titled choices and from there his career has been growing. Other than being a talented actor Chris also mastered the concept of retiring at 30. He is the CEO of A Factory Limited, a media and television concept development company based at Dzorwulu in Accra. This gives Chris the flexibility of working on projects that are to his "standard" according to showbiz Ghana. If the script or production house doesn't suite him, well he won't do it. Since he has his own company on the side or maybe the mainline he can afford to pick and choose what he wants or doesn't want so essentially he just acts for fun.

Uche Jombo

CEO of Uche Jombo studios and actress.
CEO of Uche Jombo studios and actress. | Source


Since the year 2000 there has been a massive growth in the African film industry and one of the major contributors has been the Nigerian film industry now known fondly as Nollywood. I enjoy a good movie and I love to support my fellow Africans but sometimes the quality and the acting and the story lines.........directors directors directors I get that the industry is new and still developing but I guess there has to be a reason why I should choose a Nollywood movie over a Hollywood one, mmmh let me think of a good reason.......oh I know,! maybe a unique story-line! Although Nigerian movies are very popular I find that most of the 'African' movies that I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years have been by the Ghanaians. I mean with directors like Shirley Frimpong Manso (CEO Sparrow productions) with amazing writing abilities that bring unique story lines and good attention to detail you couldn't expect anything less than good. Having said that I have also enjoyed work produced by Uche Jombo studios an amazing actress herself like the acclaimed holding hope.

Shirley Frimpong Manso: 6 hours to Christmas

Chris featuring in 6 hours to Christmas
Chris featuring in 6 hours to Christmas | Source


Having said that you do find some really good movies with great sound and picture quality a great story and amazing actors in Nollywood. Which brings me to our guy Chris. Christopher is an amazing actor and has featured in multiple Ghanaian films such as Scorned, Life and living it, Sinking sands only to name a few. It might seem like a cliché that most movie industries are compared to Hollywood but then again it is one of the most influential and most people who start out in the movie industry want to end up there so when I say that this guy is Hollywood standard I have said a lot about his acting ability. Sure we all need to continuously improve at our craft but so far every role that he has acted in leaves you believing, he makes it feel like for the whole duration of the movie you have actually met and grown with him in, now if that's not good acting I don't know what is.

The thing with Chris though is that he seems to stay in the comfort of similar roles. In the movies I have watched so far he basically acts as the husband, the womanizing husband or a player which are like variations of the same thing, I would love to see how he would do if he acted like a mentally ill person, a thief or maybe something action packed but I have no doubt that he would do a good job.


Acting ability

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