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Kid Rapper Mir Money - New York City Audition For America's Got Talent 7

Updated on May 22, 2012

Mir Money is a 7-year-old kid from Philadelphia. He auditioned for the 7th season of America's Got Talent in New York City with a rapping act. Money was pretty good for a little kid.

Traditional singers routinely sing covers, but rappers are treated differently, though. Because rapping doesn't have the same degree of tonal qualities as regular singing, rapping performances depend more on unique lyrics. And Mir Money was just doing a cover of a rap song. This is likely the main reason that Howard and Sharon buzzed him.

They could have left well enough alone, but Mir Money started to cry when Howard talked to him. The whole audition then became the Howard Stern Show. He claimed he couldn't do this job anymore. Of course, it was just silly talk. The guy is getting $15 million to do this show. You think he might get over it?

At any rate, Howard changes his mind and says YES even though Mir Money has already walked off the stage. But there was no reason to bring him back because Sharon and Howie said NO to Vegas for Mir Money.

This should still be a great memory and life experience for Mir Money. He needs to grow up a little and start writing his own songs if he really loves rap. That is the lesson here, although it seems America's Got Talent was more interested in getting airtime for and making Howard Stern appear sympathetic than teaching that lesson.


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