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Korean Drama Show " Panda and Hedgehog "

Updated on September 28, 2012

Panda and Hedgehog

Looking for a new Kdrama to watch? Love cute pandas too? Then you may enjoy this cute love story called Panda and HedgeHog.

Panda and Hedgehog is categorized as romance and comedy. The storyline is about Pan Da Yang who’s a journalist and she runs a small bakery on the side. The twist is, the bakery runs into financial problems so she fires the highest paid person, the lead baker and puts out a notice: New Baker Wanted.

This new baker happens to be a young Handsome man called Go Seung Ji ( played by Super Junior’s Donghae) who has superb baking skills. But unlucky for him, he was rejected by a famous bakery Saint Honore, because of his criminal record. He has a grudge against the bakery and wants to prove he’s better than Saint Honore.

Other popular Korean Drama

This drama is currently airing and consistantly proves to be watchable and always ends on just short of revealing something interesting, leaving you wanting for more ( as the good shows always do).

It features the classic love triangle story. Sparks fly between Pan Da Yang and Go Seung Ji and Saint Honore’s heir/manager Woo Il (he’s also Pan Da Yang’s childhood friend). As a typical Kdrama, it has many hidden underlying nuances that not everyone will catch at first. But stick with it and all shall soon be revealed. With Panda and HedgeHog they do a very good job of keeping the viewer entertained every week. Not to mention good acting, and a great looking cast!

This is a drama for panda lovers as it features adorable panda inspired: cakes, toys, vehicles, mascots and the café is even called Panda Café. So far so good for this drama, there are cute-quarrelling moments between Pan Da Yang and Go Seung Ji and the Kpop idol has improved his acting and shows a new side to his audience.

If you have never heard of the Kpop music group Super Junior, you might like them if you enjoy that type of music. Super Junior is one of the most popular boy groups in all of S. Korea.

Enjoy the show!


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