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Kuroko's Basketball with Generation of Miracles Wallpapers

Updated on October 22, 2012

I really love watching any kind of Anime series yet the genre I’m most interested about are sport-related ones. My favorites were Slam Dunk and Striker Hungry Heart. Nonetheless, I recently found a very promising Anime Series which focuses a basketball player who doesn’t have the strength, speed, and skills to play the game. He may look weak and useless but his passing skills are absurd. His name is Kuroko Tetsuya. During his middle-school years, his peculiar talent made him the sixth phantom member of an infamous basketball team. Surprisingly, he decided to enroll on a new school with an incompetent basketball team. He met Kagami, a talented basketball player who simply lacks experience and polishing. Kuroko promised Kagami that he will be his shadow and together they’ll defeat the members of the renowned Generation of Miracles. The plot is fast paced and the protagonists find themselves underdogs which added a lot of spice and thrill to every episode. I was inspired to create a couple of Kuroko’s basketball wallpapers. I hope you like them.

This Kuroko’s basketball wallpaper features the Seirin High starting five. They may not be considered as the best but the team works greatly together to win against seemingly undefeatable teams. What I love most about the Seirin High basketball team is that they are not plainly aiming to win. Basketball is not all about winning for them but the fun that comes with it. This is what Kuroko’s basketball means.

This Kuroko’s basketball wallpaper highlight the time when Seirin High had a practice game with Kaijo High, a basketball team known for their strength as they compete well in the national league. Kaijo team’s strength is tripled now as they acquired one of the basketball prodigies and a member of the Generation of Miracles; Kise Ryota. Is the Seirin High basketball team ready for such a very formidable foe? How will Kuroko and Kagami lead the team towards victory?

Kuroko’s basketball is definitely one of a kind. This Kuroko’s basketball wallpaper features the main character of this Anime series; Kuroko Tetsuya. Despite his skinny and short body, he is well-respected by every member of the Generation of Miracles. He is a misdirection specialist who can pass the ball with incomparable precision and speed. His observation skills are also impressive making him decide who to pass the ball in a split second. Kuroko’s main goal is to be Kagami’s shadow and make him including their team the number one in Japan.

Midorima is the Generation of Miracle’s best shooter. His shooting skills can’t be matched as his range encompasses the entire court. Since he can shoot anywhere, defending him is almost impossible. He believes in zodiacs and uses charm so fate will favor him. Midorima also wraps his fingers to guarantee that his nails are always in good condition for shooting. You can on this Kuroko’s basketball wallpaper how intimidating Midorima is. He is definitely one of the highest and impenetrable walls that Seirin High needs to overcome at all cost.

This Kuroko’s basketball wallpaper focuses on Kise Ryota. He is a member of the Generation of Miracles who is known for his innate talent. He can copy all the moves his enemy will throw at him and even make them even more powerful. Kagami had a hard time with Kise’s power and strength yet he successfully defeated this monster basketball player of course with Kuroko’s help. Nonetheless, the match I am referring to was just a practice game. Kise Ryota promised that he will grab the win the next time they meet which challenged Kagami even more.

Seiho High is infamous not because of having a monster player but due to their seemingly impenetrable defense. Their unique way to defend even the league’s big time scorers made them deserving to be called as one of the kings on their district. This Kuroko’s basketball wallpaper features the Serei team’s first basketball match against Seiho. With Kuroko and Kagami working as one, can the team succeed in crushing Seiho’s mighty walls? Or will it be their last game for the season?


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