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(Lake Jurosko) The Lake Ness Monster's Resurrection [VIDEO]

Updated on November 6, 2012

Lake Ness Monster Attacks!

She is Lake Jurosko, AKA The Lake Ness Monster, a Pin-up Model, a pit bull breed supporter, a body art enthusiast, a performance artist, and a self-proclaimed "professional sass mouth".

Check out some photographs and video of Lake, performing a "resurrection" style suspension with Hold Fast Suspensions of Winston Salem, North Carolina. The photographs show off Lake's beautiful tattoos and body piercings. The video of Lake's resurrection suspension shows not only her fortitude for this challenging physical feat, but her vivacious, flirty, and fun personality.

Continue reading, for information about Lake Ness Monster's professional and charity work, as well as info on Hold Fast Suspensions.

Lake's Resurrection


Andy McCleod of Hold Fast Suspensions measures and marks Lake's skin for the suspension performance. Based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Hold Fast Suspensions wants to grow more interest in the art of suspension, and provide a service for people that is hard to get anywhere else.

Hold Fast meets most of their performers through social media. If you are interested in performing a suspension, link up with Hold Fast Suspensions or Andy McCleod on Facebook.

See more suspensions with different performers, and get pictures and more information on Hold Fast Suspension's main hub page, here.


Lake's tattoos enhance her natural beauty and femininity, but don't be fooled by the girlish theme of her Alice in Wonderland inspired artwork, or the classical styled flowers and other pieces.This woman is all business.

Her smile and sassy attitude never faltered during the piercing process, or while swinging by her stomach in a resurrection suspension.

Business is Booming

Lake poses for pin-up style pictorials and writes articles for SugarHeart Magazine. SugarHeart's mission is to entertain you with high quality imagery and articles of lovely women who have a goal. Their goal is educating the public and raising money for pit bull type breeds of dogs, who suffer disproportionately from Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and discrimination against adoption.

In addition to working with SugarHeart, Lake has also competed in and won pin up beauty contests with Pinups For Pit Bulls, another charitable organization which works to educate the public and support what was once America's premier breed of companion animal.

ABOVE & AT RIGHT: Andy McCleod and Moll Dix of Hold Fast Suspensions insert the last of three steel hooks into the performer's flesh. Molly and Andy work like a single mind. He says she often does exactly what he is thinking before he even asks.

Here, Molly "tents" the skin, lining up the entry and exit marks so that Andy can push the needle containing the steel hook through.


Hanging Around is an Art. With four 6ga hooks already inserted in her flesh, Lake still smiles, entertains, and waits to hang.

Even at a statewide tattoo convention, where a great number of people have gathered who go to extremes to support their hobbies and interests, the suspension artists stand out.

How far will you go to support your interests, your art, or your cause?

Worshiping the Monster

Lake Ness Monster loves her fans.

On her Facebook fan page she always has a little time every day to offer a sweet word, a smile, a filthy sex joke, some salty language, and a few insults for her fans, and the world in general. Whatever it takes to brighten your day.

Sexy pictures of herself from various photo shoots are also posted daily.

It's not all gloss and glamor with The Monster, she posts links to articles and interviews she covers about tattoo art for SugarHeart Magazine.

Lake is investing her time, money, heart, and even her body in what she believes in. Are you?

"That's All Folks..."

Looking for more suspensions?

jump to Hold Fast Suspensions main hub page, full of pictures links and videos by clicking, here.


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