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Lessons From Movie Weddings

Updated on December 29, 2017

Happily Ever After

A Happy Couple
A Happy Couple | Source

Three Memorable Wedding Movies

Three of my favorite movie weddings offer life lessons for the engaged couple, their family, and their friends. The best movies show us some truth about ourselves. Enjoy one or more of these movies before your wedding and take in the lessons to be learned. These movies are good for bridesmaid get-togethers or date nights before the wedding.

Movie Information:

27 Dresses, 2008, 20th Century Fox.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2002, IFC Films.

Steel Magnolias, 1989, TriStar Pictures.

27 Dresses

After seeing the 27 bridesmaid dresses in this film, one might consider them an example of women's inhumanity to women! Seriously, brides should watch this movie and make sure they are thoughtful when selecting dresses for their honor attendants. Consider what those dresses, immortalized in costly wedding photographs, might look like to those who view the pictures in a decade or two. Consider the dignity of your bridesmaids and be sure to select something affordable and flattering.

Another lesson from this movie is that a wedding is not a time to settle old grudges. Emotions run high during wedding preparations, so be ready to calm yourself when conflicts arise. Handle small misunderstandings and disagreements before they escalate. Never air private matters in public. Weddings have enough drama without settling family feuds.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This film had many worthwhile lessons. First, although your family may drive you crazy, they really love you and will be there for you when you need them. The movie also illustrates how people can disagree, yet continue to love and support one another. Another important lesson is to know what is really important and what is not; for example, when the bride sees the outrageous bridesmaid dresses (made without her final approval) she decides to just live with them. On the other hand, the groom converts in order to be married in the Greek Orthodox Church. Church was important, while the dresses were not nearly as important.

This movie illustrates how one couple respected family and tradition while also creating a new life together. In the process, both families are enriched.

Steel Magnolias

While not primarily a wedding movie, the wedding scenes illustrated some important lessons for any bride. Yes, your father and brothers may do some really embarrassing things; but you need to love them anyway. Your mother may be treating you like a child; but only because she loves you more than her own life. Your choice of pink for the wedding may be over-the-top; but your friends love you enough to overlook the d├ęcor and celebrate your life and marriage.

Steel Magnolias is a great illustration of the bonds that connect women to one another. Women of different ages and social status stick together through good times and bad. In the midst of wedding preparations, be sure to make time for your friends. Those special friendships, like your marriage, can last a lifetime.


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    • amandajoyshapiro profile image

      amandajoyshapiro 3 years ago

      I like these three choice movies featuring weddings. One other great example is 16 Candles: even though it's about the teenager who isn't getting married, her sister and many of the family members completely ignore Molly's character on her birthday. It's important for the bride to pay attention to her siblings, especially a sister.


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