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"Life" 2017 Movie Review

Updated on August 2, 2017

Movie Cover:


Movie: Life (2017)

Directed by:Daniel Espinosa

Written by: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds

Genre: Horror, Scifi, Thriller

Release date: March 24, 2017

My Rating: 6/10

IMDB: 6.7/10

Verdict: Scientists doing not-really science-y things...Not for scientists. For alien or scifi enthusiasts.


Review (Spoiler Free):

The irony is not lost on me that the a movie named "Life" is all about death. Hahaha.

There were a lot of problems with this film...but I enjoyed it. I am one of those scifi, don't shoot the messenger.

If you read my review on Alien: Covenant you know that I really didn't like how stupid those scientist/travelers were...and I gave the lowest rating to date. This movie was better than that. The threat was different...but still somewhat similar.

In this film, the scientists, following protocols, find new life and treat it carefully...until the exobiologist fuzzes it up by getting all giddy and overprotective and loving of the unknown alien life. Why can't people be more Data. Would be great.

Next thing you know the life form is no longer it's young and cuddly self...but a giant creepy creature that does creepy things to people...and then kills them.

I'm amazed I'm not traumatized. Thanks Alien series. ;)

This is a edge of your seat kind of movie, where you are almost expected to scream and yell and curse at the alien and the scientists, even if they're not doing something stupid, but are just unaware of the threat. Yes, there were situations where I knew something immediately, but the characters didn't...but that's okay, it was forgivable. Though there were plenty of things that the scientists should have known, considering their career, but didn't and yet I did. Sometimes...I want to change my major and study this kind of stuff, but then I remember that alien life is probably not going to be discovered in my lifetime :(

And if there's no alien life...then I don't care for the major that much anymore! Ha.



Good horror film in space. If you love this genre, it will most certainly be a great addition. Reynolds delivers perfectly, even if he is stupid, at least he's comic relief. And While I enjoyed great actors in this film, I think it could have been better...but it wasn't terrible.

Touch it!

I mean...don't touch it. I misspoke. I take it back!!!

Nope. Too late. The intelligent scientist has just done the stupid.

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day....there will be a scifi alien movie where the intelligent scientists/space-travelers don't face off an enemy because they're stupid and brought it on themselves...but because the alien life form is intelligent and cunning enough to escape whatever challenges it faces - despite all human caution - to reach its goal: kill or eat humans.

My dream is unattainable isn't it?

Le Sigh.

Shock it!

Well..I guess if touching doesn't work...but you really want the alien life form to not only escape, but be shock it my dear Watson.

And after you shock best do everything in your power to help it escape the using a flame thrower.

I have a honest question; Do scientific labs have flame throwers? Do they honestly have it?

I thought any space craft does everything in it's literal power to prevent annnnnny fire occurrences...sooooo why is there a flame thrower in a quarantined lab?

*Major confused face*


What else can we genius scientists do?...hmmmm

Well...if touching it didn't work..and shocking it really didn't work....

Killing it should do the trick!

Rebecca Ferguson as Dr. Miranda North; CDC quarantine officer

Intelligent Life?

She might be the only intelligent human on board this space station.

I kid you not.

I guess she was supposed to be..I mean..she's quarantine officer. She wrote the manual on this jazz.

And yet....her protocols are a little off (though done pretty well...she doesn't mess up from the start, Bakare - exobiologist and Reynolds- flight engineer, are the ones who mess this whole thing up).

It was a relief for me to find someone who was more than willing to sacrifice all people on board, and follow procedure to prevent an "outbreak" to speak.

Whether she fails at this or not is another matter.


Ending (Spoilers!)

You know me, without doing a review with spoilers...reviewing isn't very satisfying. But I always give a heads-up and separate the article with top being spoiler free and bottom being spoiler-y.

After all this sacrificing of people and things in the space station, they come to a last stand-down: space station entering orbit (Calvin can survive possibly), do they sacrifice one of their own by luring Calvin into an escape pod to push it into deep space while the other survivor escapes home with last pod, or they do hope the crash into Earth kills them all while simultaneously dying from oxygen deprivation?

They obviously choose the luring Calvin option, with Jake Gyllenhaal - Dr. David Jordan - medical officer being the sacrificial lamb.

Miranda/quarantine officer, gets to survive. Good for her! She was the smartest one!

And then it all goes know....

The first thing that I didn't get was why David decides to give Calvin so much oxygen. And when he does give it oxygen, and lures it into the pod...why he doesn't run off.

Okay...fine, I'll grant you this: he can't leave because the whole point was that he stay in pod and do manual override (these pods should have been designed to be programmed to go anywhere! Major stupidity on the scientists part) and take pod to deep space.

I have a few other better options:

a)While it's busy in pod trying to breathe in oxygen: kill it. Bring that lovely flame thrower from earlier or something.

b) don't make the pod fly anywhere (then Calvin can't make it go to Earth). I'm pretty sure there is a "stop" or "shut down" button on that pod. I have an extremely hard time believing it doesn't have it. In fact, I would think that everyone was lying out of their..cough cough..if they didn't have such a button. That's like literally the second thing we invent. On..then off. Then the more intricate stuff.

c)before pod: don't they have some kind of freezer section on this ship? The whole ship is already turning into icicles thanks to no oxygen or fire power or whatever to put some heat in this why not lure it to a freezer section (which could have been a small kitchen) and kill it there? Just a thought. It was never explored, so I don't know how it could have gone...but you can make it go just about anywhere if there is food for take it somewhere where it will make it become slower/weaker,....and eventually easier to kill or just let it die there!

Movie twist: Of course I saw it coming. The whole time I was like..."please let me be wrong...please let me be wrong" and then I'm right.

Sometimes I hate being right.

Twist spoil: so Miranda ends up bumping with David's pod through some complications....and switching places with each other.

David with Calvin goes Earthbound; Miranda alone goes to deep space and most probably death.


I get that humans are compassionate, and also they were Vietnamese so they didn't get what David was saying...but when a guy says "noooo" while shooing you away...well...that hand motion IS universal.

The idiots open the pod and Calvin escapes.

Also: David is still alive? Why didn't Calvin finish him up? He had plenty of time. It's almost like....Calvin was this genius that knew the Pod direction had to change for a short duration of time to reach it's new home...and not kill David...although it's whole premise was that it needed to kill to survive and that's what it had been doing from the start.

Where's the consistency yo? I mean...granted, I like the cruel ending of where not only do we get Calvin to roam the earth and reap it's benefits..but we also get the one guy who basically hated humanity and wanted to die in space...end up alive on Earth.

Oh are so cruel.

Thoughts on a possible sequel:

You can read some articles that discuss this ending and possible sequel with the director..but I'll throw some quotes on here: and

Quotes from Article that might be of interest:

"Talk about playing with expectations at the end of the film, where the audience is led to believe that Jake Gyllenhaal's character David has the alien Calvin in his lifeboat and is careening into space. You toy with that expectation, and instead his is the one that returns to Earth – with the alien.

Jake's character is the only one that never has a violent reaction against Calvin. And it takes quite a long time before he lands. And he is still alive. Something has happened in that pod. Calvin is just looking for communication."

"Reese: Completely. Just the fact that Calvin can now possibly reproduce, I think, is an interesting idea. We've dropped him in a situation that is teaming with life to hunt and to eat. That being the ocean, or the coast of Indonesia or Vietnam or wherever we are saying he's landed. So that opens it up right there. But just the idea of firewalls could extend to Earth in the sense that now they've failed to contain Calvin to the station. The question is, how would the Earth react? Obviously, this was an international effort, so there are a lot of countries cooperating. And again, they would be trying to contain this thing from moving forward and yet there might be more Calvins to deal with. To us, that screams interesting sequel."

My thoughts on this:

I think it would be a great idea! Heck yeah I want to see how Calvin fares on Earth..and how humanity survives..or if it doesn't? Do we get a planet that is filled to the brim with Calvin babies that have killed off most of humanity? Or half killed off before Calvin is stopped? Or do we nip it in the bud before Calvin even gets the chance to reproduce much?

These are all answers I'd like answered in a sequel.

Also..notice what they said about Jake's character (David)..."something happened in that pod."

This isn't a spoiler..but I'm putting 50 bucks on David being a new mommy. LOL.

I bet the reason David wasn't killed (which means my rant about this section should be scribbled off if this is the case) was because in the pod, while it was reaching Earth..David was violated. Think Facehuggers.

Either David will survive to help defeat Calvin in the second film...or meet his maker very quickly after "giving birth" to Calvin 2.0

Those are my thoughts/predictions...not spoilers!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

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    • Violets3 profile image

      Violet 6 months ago from California

      Thank you Louise! Hope you enjoy. It definitely was a great edge of seat film.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 6 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I wouldn't mind watching this. I really enjoyed reading your article.