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Valentine's Day Songs List: Best Sad Love Songs (Part 1)

Updated on March 13, 2015
Team Solitary
Team Solitary | Source

Isn't it a little bit contrary to the season we are celebrating? Listening to sad love songs on Valentine's Day? Not that we are heartbroken or unhappy at the moment. Sometimes we feel the power of love or we get more "in love" if we listen to and watch sad love songs on youtube videos. At least, that is the case for me. As they say, we fall in love to the idea of "love". What better way to capture that moment than to listen to the Valentine's Day Songs List: Best Sad Love Songs.

How many of you have expected that Valentine's Day will be special yet it was just like any of your ordinary day? You wish that on Valentine's Day someone would offer you a surprise date, give you flowers and make you fall in love. However, it turned out another "firing squad" event just like the previous year and the year before that. You wish that it would not have been named a special day so that it would go by unnoticed. However, we have been brought into it. So instead of mulling over another "crossmarked" day in your life, why not sulk into it. Open your internet and tune in to the Valentine's Day Songs List: Best Sad Love Songs. You may cry while listening to it. But all I can say, you will feel much better afterward.

The good thing these days, even if you do not have itunes or mp3 downloaded songs, you can still enjoy having a playlist. Thanks to the internet and youtube videos. So here, for your convenience, I have put the Songs To Listen To On Valentine's Day: Sad Love Songs . So, carry on!

Only Reminds Me Of You, MYMP

1. Only Reminds Me Of You, MYMP

Talk about unrequited love, this is the ultimate of the sad love songs for unrequited love. With the intensity of love unexpressed, foregone, forgotten and when expressed it went unheeded, it seemed like a ghost that kept coming back. When it came back, it became more intense than it was before. More haunting than before. More troubling than before because it already crept into your core. It already became a life of its own. Unconsciously, you have been constantly reminded of the moment. With it unreciprocated or unheeded, it is finding closure. Closure being justifying previous action or when you realized what the moment could have been, it was already too late to retrace everything.

2. Till My Heartaches End, Ella Mae Sayson

This song is a great song to cry to after a very painful breakup. The kind that makes you feel so emotional yet gives you a comforting feeling while succumbing to the pain. Although she knows that it is very disheartening, yet there was no denying pain. She admits that she was very devastated with the painful and unprecedented breakup. She was having a hard time forgetting. But she knows that she will soon be able to overcome it as the pain gradually subsides. Until then she will hold on to the beautiful memories of love until learning to live again this time without the other person.

If The Feeling Is Gone, Ella Mae Sayson

3. If the Feeling Is Gone, Ella Mae Sayson

All of us want to stay in a relationship where we are accepted. As much as possible, the last thing we want is for people to pretend that we are being loved. We somehow have that gut feeling that they don't want us anymore but we cannot know for sure. However, we get uncomfortable at the same time. To end the discomfort, we somehow would like to get that confirmation that the other person has been trying to evade. In a way, the song is about setting boundaries and defining the relationship. Now that the spark and excitement is gone, she is wary if the relationship would continue.

Now That You're Gone, Ella Mae Sayson

4. Now That You're Gone, Ella Mae Sayson

This song is about realizing that they have made a mistake of letting the other person go. She realized that if only she had a little more time and had she known she would be feeling that way in the end, she would have chosen otherwise. It will make you consider a lot of things before ending the relationship. Not only based on what you felt at the current moment but what you both have been through and what the possibilities would be. Now that the other person is gone, getting them back is harder, if not impossible.

Goodbye Is Not Forever, Ella Mae Sayson

5. Goodbye Is Not Forever, Ella Mae Sayson

This song is about someone hoping to make the love last. However, she was clueless as to why it ended. In turn she was begging for him to come back and still hoping that they can work things out. Talk about second chances, she is willing to give it a shot. This time she will make sure it will work out if the other person will come back.

Someone Like You, Adelle

Uninvited, Alanis Morissette

Must Listen To Sad Love Songs

6. Someone Like You, Adelle

7. Uninvited, Alanis Morissette

8. October, Evenescence

9. Missing You, Jem

10. Landslide, Fleetwood Mac

For more of the list of best sad love songs, read Valentine's Day Songs List: Best Sad Love Songs (Part 2). A great selection of emotion laden songs sung by male singers and performing artists.

Talk about love, brokenheartedness, loss, second chances and pain expressed in multiple ways. Same feelings, same words but different people at different situation. Not a single similarity. Each unique experience only adds to the unending mystery and power of the love emotion

I wanted to put at least a one liner summary to each of the song and youtube video. However, I fear that I will not do them justice as I would only be pulling emotions coming from my uneventful life. Rather, play each songs and tell me how these songs have somehow touched your lives. Stream on!

Missing You, Jem


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