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Lucky Star Four Friends Characters Manga Anime Video and Merchandise Hiragi Izumi TakaraKonata Pose

Updated on June 29, 2015

Lucky Star らき☆すた

Lucky Star portrays the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese High School. Lucky Stars main character Konata Izumi, is an intelligent girl with great athletic abilities. However, she is so obsessed with reading Manga and playing video games that her grades are not so great and she does not join or participate in any sports activities.

The story really has no story and is based on the everyday goings on of four friends; Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiragi,Miyuki Takara and Tsukasa Hiragi at a High School.  

Lucky Star is a great first Anime and due to it's uncomparable loose humer, it's definetly an Anime to enjoy over and over.


This review is from: Lucky Star: Konata Izumi Winter School Uniform Non-Scale Figma Action Figure

My daughter loved this figure! It came with a lot more parts than we expected, and holds different poses well. It's well made, great colors. We'll be buying all the figures from this series, I'm sure.


Lucky Star Figurines

These figurines are way too awesome not to have in your collection!

  • Figurines are Fully Painted.
  • No Assembly required.
  • Genuine product imported from Japan.

A must have for every Lucky Star fan!

 Okay, so your a Lucky Star fan, well here is your chance to have what everyone wants but everyone does not have!

Imagine going to school with a Lucky Star Messenger Bag compared to the boring ole backpack? You would definitely be the envy of your friends.

Or going shopping with the girls only to pull out your wallet and find the Hiragi Sisters on it? Too cool.

These miscellaneous items are what you are missing from your collection!

'The Dance!'

I recently attended Anime Detour and went shopping for my favs, I could not believe the cost from some of the vendors! Holy Cow! Take advantage of the savings today and enjoy your collection!

Whether you love Lucky Star or just hate to admit you do, it's time to add to that collection!


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