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Manifest -- The Captain

Updated on January 21, 2019

Let's do the Time Warp again...

Last time, Ben learned the government is looking for the holy grail and the person in charge is a woman. Jared and Mick hit the sheets. And the calling is warning about someone trapped in a blizzard...

The Captain is flying the plane. Lightning fills the sky. The Captain flies through it. Fast forward to him telling Vance what happened. That the storm was like nothing he'd ever seen before. Cal goes up to the captain asking if he has any wings he could spare. The Captain says his wings just got clipped and Cal thanks him for bringing them home.

Ben tells Cal they have to keep a low profile because of the bad people that may be after them. Disgrace [thankfully no Olive Oyl in the scene] asks if Ben can take Cal again the next day. But Cal tells Ben he'll be busy tomorrow with the man from the plane who needs his help. Ben isn't sure who he means, but knows enough to believe what he says. So he says Mick can take Cal.

Mick has the flash of the man saying find her and there being a blizzard. Jared asks why she's avoiding him. Mick says it was a mistake and what they did was cheating. She says she can't be the other woman. Mick says Lourdes is his wife and her best friend and asks if he loves her. He says he does, but he and Mick were meant to be. She says she's not doing this to her. She says she's sorry.

Ben looks at his chart and tells Mick what Cal said. Captain Daily calls Ben. He asks Ben if they could meet. He says it wasn't his fault what happened to the plane and he can prove it. He says he'll get him, tomorrow.

Ben in the car with the Captain. He says his wife and son won't talk to him. He takes Ben to the airport. They enter a hangar. He gives Ben a copy of every document on Flight 828. Then they get into the cockpit of the plane to run a simulation of what happened on Flight 828. He says he can't find anything like what they flew into that night. He says the storm came out of nowhere. He says this is a government cover-up. He says to check the date on the report. He says the government started hiding things the day they disappeared.

Okay, my theory of the moment. Could the plane have flew through a time door and they flew five years into the future.

Ben thinks a meteorologist may have seen what happened that night. The Captain and Ben come to see him. The doctor says he can't talk about this and they made him swear under oath not to say anything.

Mick brings Cal to her apartment. Autumn, the mole, shows up wanting to talk to her.

mThe doctorentions dark lightning. He was told to take early retirement and to not testify about the dark lightning. Ben appeals to him to give him the information he has. Meanwhile Cal is sketching Autumn as she tells Mick she's innocent and her friends framed her. She wants Mick to help her find Clarissa Ford and Mick says she'll see what she can do.

Ben and Captain back in the simulator. They load it with the actual data and the real storm is simulated. Only this time when he tries to fly through he can't do it. The Captain is obsessed with proving this is what happened. He believes Fiona was involved since she's the expert on mind melding and Ben says he'll go talk to her.

Ben calls up Mick and tells her it's true, while a big-eared Autumn the rat is listening to everything that's said and notices the binder Ben has Mick look into for him. So was the whole Clarissa thing just a con to spy on Ben and Mick and get some info to give her masters?

Grace arrives to pick up Cal.

Autumn is cornered by one of her masters who tells her she's to never turn off the phone they gave her.

Fiona says she doesn't think what happened to them was accidental. Ben doesn't get anything out of Fiona.

Mick calls Ben to tell him the meteorologist that he talked to is dead. Mick says someone knows he's looking for answers. Mick and Ben go to the Captain's apartment where they find pictures all over the wall. He wonders if he's just like the Captain. Ben realizes the Captain is going to try and find dark lightning for himself by flying into the storm. Meanwhile, the Captain goes to see Fiona's and chloroforms her.

The Captain arrives at the airstrip with Fiona. Cal says he wants to be like Ben and help people.

Autumn, the rat, breaks into Mick's apartment to look at the binder she saw Mick looking at, as well as searching the place. She finds the binder and takes pictures of it with her phone. She sees Cal's notebook on the couch and opens it. She looks at Cal's sketches. She tears one of them out.

Mick and Ben try to warn the security guard the Captain is going to steal a plane. Ben tries to get the Captain not to take off in the plane and realizes he's got Fiona with him. He takes off as Ben and Mick watch helplessly on the ground.

The Captain says Fiona told the Major about the meteorologist that's now dead, and Mick asks if Ben told her about him and Ben says he did. The Captain says Ben is now the captain and the passengers are now Ben's responsibility. The Captain flies into the storm. Jet planes that went after the plane say the plane was neutralized, but it didn't look like they shot them down. For one thing where's the debris. It looked like a light was shining ahead of them. Did the Captain succeed in making another time jump?

Mick worried Ben becoming as obsessed as the captain and can't believes he's thinking Fiona was a bad guy. Then Mick starts suspecting it was Autumn because she was there when she was talking on the phone to Ben. Ben realizes she was with Cal all day and worries she may have told them about Cal's connection to what happened. He tries calling Grace to warn her to keep an eye on Cal, meanwhile when Grace goes up to find Cal he's missing and a window in his room is open.


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