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Manifest -- The Expiration Date

Updated on March 11, 2019

Can they get an extension on their deadline?

Last time, another returned appeared in the form of the unscrupulous Griffin who used his calling to get out of jail free after he robbed and committed murder. A jealous Jared had his sights set on Zeke. And Saanvi was dealing with PTSD and not very well.

More seems to be going on than just the plane crash survivors making a time jump. Zeke made a year time jump is a snow storm and Griffin made a three day time jump underwater. So what is the connection. Will we get a clue in tonight's finale?

The episode opens on a tropical island. Grace and Ben on the beach with the kids. Grace suggests they stay. Mick walking along the beach when her mom rubs suntan lotion on her. They all take a picture together on the beach. Ben looks at the photo in the present, while Olive studying her charts. Cal starts tearing apart his room. They all run in to see what's wrong when they hear him. Cal won't tell them what's wrong, says he can only tell Zeke.

Meanwhile Zeke in a liquor store looking at booze. He buys a bottle of bourbon then looks up at the clock on the wall. Meanwhile Griffin is being given a new suit as he prepares to be let out of jail.

Jared can't wait to show Mick Zeke's record. Mick not impressed with Jared. He asks if there's something going on between her and Zeke. Griffin says goodbye to Mick as he prepares to leave. Jared sicks someone on Zeke, again.

Griffin says he's going to use his callings for his own self-interest. Saanvi, Zeke, Mick and Ben all hear “stop him” in their head. Ben, Saanvi and Mick compare notes. Saanvi suggests that maybe they're supposed to kill Griffin. Ben tells Mick that Cal needs to see Zeke. Saanvi no longer feels the callings are a good thing after what happened to her. Ben tries to get Saanvi to open up but she won't.

Zeke with the bottle of booze. He hides it when Mick comes in. Mick tells Zeke they all had the same calling. Zeke says his mom wouldn't let him in when he tried to see her. She says they can fix it, but he says not everyone deserves compassion. Mick reveals Jared ran his sheet. He tells her he got in a fight in a bar with a man because he didn't like how he was treating his girlfriend. Mick swears nothing has changed between them now that she knows about his past. She hugs him. Oh, Ferret would have a fit about that. Zeke pulls away.

A fellow doctor says Cal and Griffin have the same marker. She tunes him out as he's talking. He introduces himself as Troy Davis, and she asks he send her the labs. Another doctor sees her in the hall having a panic attack. He gives her his therapist name who helped him get his anxiety under control. He says his doctor is very good and very discrete.

Zeke comes to see Cal. He asks if he has a drawing to show him. Cal wants to know how he can stop his latest drawing from coming true. Cal asks that Zeke not tell Ben or Mick what he drew. It's his, Ben and Mick's headstones and that they're all going to die.

Zeke comes downstairs and says Cal is worried about something happening to Ben and Mick. They hear Griffin's going to go on TV and they're worried what's going to happen if Griffin reveals what he knows. Ben says they have to stop him. Zeke says guys like Griffin can't be reasoned with.

Jared's cop buddy follows Zeke and takes pictures of him. Good Old Jared is doing this out of jealousy. I'm beginning to see why Mick wasn't sure if she wanted to marry him or not when the series began.

Olive frustrated she can't figure out what the peacock and other signs mean. She says this is the first time she's felt connected to Ben, again.

Zeke waiting for Griffin to arrive outside the TV station. He has a gun. Everyone is greeting him like a conquering hero. Ben and Mick show up to try and talk to him. Mick tries to tell him that anyone whose revealed the callings has paid the price. But he won't listen. Ben, Mick and Zeke hear stop him. Suddenly Griffin starts spitting out all the water from the ocean he was trapped beneath like a human water fountain, just as Zeke was about to shoot him. He falls to the ground dead.

What the callings give, the callings can take away. I imagine the Trumper group will say Ben and Mick caused that to happen to rev up people to go after them.

Mick says the medical examiner said he drowned. Mick sees Zeke in the crowd and goes after him. Zeke doesn't admit he has a gun and was going to try and kill Griffin. She tells him to go back to her apartment. Not a good thing when the booze is there.

The Major told about Griffin drowning. Major Dingbat still focusing on Cal.

Jared asks what Mick was doing with Zeke. Mick says he's obsessed with Zeke. He says Zeke is a junkie and he'll stop him if she won't. She tries to make the jealous jerk get this isn't about them.

Mick goes to see Zeke's mother. She meets his mom, Priscilla. She asks why Priscilla turned Zeke away. His mother didn't believe the story Zeke told her and thought he was on drugs. Now Priscilla's upset because she sent him away and said horrible things to her. Mick says when Zeke comes to see her again to be different with him.

Mick tells Ben she thinks she's supposed to help Zeke. That she can feel their mother and feels she's looking out for her. Saanvi says Griffin died from drowning. Mick thinks that Griffin died because he betrayed the callings. Saanvi tells Ben that the blood marker in Cal's blood could get out to the public soon because a doctor noticed Griffin had the same marker as Cal. Mick hears stop him but Ben doesn't. She thinks it means she's supposed to stop Zeke. Jared thinks he bought drugs, but what he bought was a gun. Creepy Jared loads his gun as he watches Zeke go into Mick's apartment. Sorry, but this creep is out of control.

Grace throwing up in the toilet. Don't tell me she's pregnant by Danny Boy. Ben tells Grace and Olive that Griffin died for as long as he was under water. 828. That maybe Ben, Mick and Cal have the same expiration date. Olive figures out what her diagram means. That it represents the date June 2 2024, and that's how long Ben, Mick and Cal have. Olive says they can't tell Cal. Cal says he knows. He didn't know how to tell them.

Saanvi ends up going to the Major. That's the therapist the doctor recommended to her. Seems the Major has her people planted everywhere. Mick tries to get Zeke to pick up as Jared bursts through the door of her apartment.

Ben holds Grace saying he wants to go back to that beach. Grace says she has to tell him something. She takes him out of the room. She tells him she's pregnant. It makes Ben happy. She says she's six weeks along. It's not Ben's baby. It's Danny Boy's. I just knew it!

A crazed Jared starts tearing the place apart looking for drugs that don't exist. He orders Zeke to get out. Jared says he and Mick are meant to be together. Jared starts attacking Zeke. Zeke ends up pulling a gun on him. He tells psycho he bought the gun to protect Mick. Ferret grabs the gun and the gun goes off as Mick enters. Here's hoping Ferret got shot. He's a freaking psycho.

The problem with the callings is they're just too vague. At first, it seemed they were warning about Griffin, but since he had an expiration date there was no need to tell anyone to stop him, cause he got stopped all on his own. So was The Calling warning about Zeke or Jared? It seems more likely it was Jared, if you recall Zeke opening the door to Mick's apartment and a wolf being there trying to attack him and Jared bursted through Mick's apartment door and attacked him.

In regards to the expiration date maybe you get an extension depending on if you heed the callings or not. It doesn't make sense if you heed the callings and help people and you still die. So maybe if you use the callings for good you're expiration date will get canceled. If the Captain and Fiona succeeded in traveling to 2024 does that mean they only have a few months left to live or did it give them another five years they wouldn't have had?

Earlier in the season the Callings seemed to be urging Mick not to let Jared go, but then they brought a new man into her life and Jared became a total psycho. Did the callings turn on Jared after he got Mick back and didn't do the right thing by telling Lourdes the truth? Lourdes had to find out the truth herself, so did the Callings decide Jared was no longer worthy of Mick [who follows the Callings religiously] and brought a new man into her life?

In the new season the danger for Cal will increase if Saanvi tells her Major B therapist what she knows about Cal and with Grace knocked up by Danny Boy he'll become more intrusive in their life preventing Ben and Grace to be happy for the time Ben and Cal have left, and since he's only back temporarily will Ben step aside and urge Grace to get together with Danny Boy? As for the drama in Mick's apartment, I think Jared will die and be written out since the character was written into a corner and became very unlikable once he got together with Mick. Finally, did the Captain crossing over the barrier some how have something to do with Griffin being given a temporary second chance before wasting it and being his same rotten old self?

And what new mysteries will be revealed about Flight 828 one can't even guess. See you next season.


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