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Matt Cardle Wins X Factor UK 2010 - Who Won

Updated on August 27, 2013

Matt Cardle Takes The Crown

After months of drama and controversy, last night saw Matt Cardle crowned as X Factor champion for the 2010 season. Watched by almost twenty million viewers Matt Cardle held off popular boy band One Direction and the sultry tones of female vocalise Rebecca Ferguson to claim the title. Though he has been one of the favourites from the start, many had tipped One Direction to take the X factor crown this year.

In an epic final show the three acts took to the stage with their dreams seemingly within there grasp. Matt Cardle kicked the show off with a lively performance of Katy Perry’s ‘firework’. Despite his popularity he seemed to be struggling to hit some of the higher notes, not an issue that had affected him earlier in the series. Next up One Direction belted out the Natalie Imbruglia classic ‘Torn’. This was one of their best performances and the judges gave them more positive feedback. Finally Rebecca Ferguson took to the stage and sung a haunting version of ‘sweet dreams’. This was clearly the best of the three performances and as Simon Cowell said ‘she pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this one’.

At the end of part one of the show one act had to leave. The biggest surprise of the night was that it was One Direction. The band have had massive public support and seemed destined to become the first ever band to win the X factor. However based on performances over past shows, the two best acts made it to the final showdown.

So now we were finally down to two. The X factor has rolled on for months and thousands have auditioned. But standing alone were the two unassuming figures of Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson, both worthy finalists but only one could claim the title of X factor winner. For their final performance each would sing the single that would be released should they win the X factor.

First up it was Matt Cardle. Rather surprisingly he had been given a Biffy Clyro song to perform. Many of Horror was not one of the bands biggest hits and it only came out earlier this year, so this was a surprise choice. After a shaky first few notes Cardle started to make the song his own, ‘When We Collide’, as the song will now be known was slightly different to the Biffy Clyro version. The song gathers pace and finished with Matt Cardle belting out some massive high notes that really get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. He finished the song to a rapturous applause.

Next up was the turn of the humble Liverpudlian Rebecca Ferguson. She had been given the song ‘Distant Dreamer’. Yet again her vocals were flawless, although the song didn’t quite have the power of Matt’s it still had some beautiful sounds and a haunting melody. Again she received wonderful feedback for her performance.

Now it was the big event. The lines had closed, the votes had been counted, who would be crowned X factor winner 2010? Dermot O’Leary had the privilege of announcing the winner. With tensions unbearable and silence from the crowd, Matt Cardle’s name came out of the envelope. The shy painter and decorator from Essex had been crowned the champion. He would have his single When We Collide released and probably have a Christmas number one. He broke down in tears as he graciously thanked everyone involved in the show.

After the show figures were released that told how Matt Cardle was the worth winner. In every live show he had earned the most votes except in the first show where Mary Bryne had won the most. Matt had given some flawless performances, most noticeably the Roberta Flack song ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ and ‘Knights In White Satin’ by the Moody Blues. Matt Cardle was the most consistent performer and a worthy winner of the show.

Now the big question is what does the future hold for Matt Cardle the X Factor 2010 winner. With the release of his single When We Collide he is sure to have a great start to his musical career. It will be interesting to see if Matt goes the way of other X factor finalists or if he does something a little more contemporary. Cardle is not your typical X factor winner so people will no doubt be following his career with some interest to see which way he goes.

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