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Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Updated on October 22, 2011

Mickey Mouse cartoons are darling of all; from the kids in age to the kids at heart. Mickey Mouse cartoons are trade mark of Walt Disney Productions. Mickey Mouse is beloved of all in all over the world among all generations. Before going on Mickey Mouse Cartoons, Here is little introduction of Mickey Mouse, our dearest and lovely hero in Mickey Mouse Cartoons.

Mickey Mouse Cartoons is the creation of Walt Disney, a famous name in animation and cartoon movies world.  Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse cartoons in 1928. Walt Disney was known, among children and as well elders all round the world in all generation, as co-founder of Walt Disney production house. And by the passage of time Mickey Mouse Cartoons became the second face of Walt Disney.

Character of Mickey Mouse was inspired from a Disney’s pet mouse which he adapted in days when he worked in Kansas City Studios. First name of Mickey Mouse was Mortimer but later on it was flipped to Mickey Mouse as Mortimer does not suits its character in cartoon series. 

Animations and Voice

Sketching of Mickey Mouse Cartoon was redesign by Ub Iwerks in order to formulate animations trouble-free. The voice of character Mickey Mouse, in his early years, was given by Walt Disney himself from 1928 to 1947.

After Disney it was voiced by Jimmy MacDonald (1947-1977), after MacDonald it was voiced by Wayne Allwine (1977-2009) and Mickey Mouse’s present voice actor is Bret Iwan. In opinion of the workers of Disney employees, Mickey Mouse was designed by Ub but Walt Disney gave him soul.

Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Here is the list of some of all Mickey Mouse Cartoons.

Silent Shorts

  • Plane Crazy
    Plane crazy was very first screen appearance of Mickey Mouse. This cartoon short was released on May 15, 1928. It was silent short co - directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.

    In Plane Crazy, Mickey Mouse was supported by Minnie Mouse and Clarabelle Cow. Mickey Mouse, in Plane Crazy, is portrayal as mischievous and romantic.

  • A Gallopin’ Gaucho

    A Gallopin’ Gaucho, a silent short, was again co-directed by Iwerks and Disney.

    This time the whole work on the side of animations was also done by Iwerks. In this short, Mickey Mouse was a romantic hero who saved Minnie from Peg Let Pete or just Pete galloping on a rhea.

    Plot of Gallopin’ Gaucho follows fairy tale flow, winning of good on bad and hero saved the heroine from villain and in title Mickey is referred as Gaucho. It was released on August 2, 1928.

Series With Sound

  • Steamboat Willie

    Steamboat Willie was the very first series with sound and third in production. It was also directed by the team Disney and Iwerks and animated by latter. This time Iwerks assisted by Dick Lundy, Les Clerk, Johny Cannon and Wilfred Jackson.

    In this series Mickey Mouse was supported by Minnie Mouse, Pete and Parrot. Pet Leg Pete aka Pete was the captain and Mickey was sailor.

     Mickey tried to impress Minnie by signing a song and creating music. Walt Disney celebrates Mickey Mouse official birthday on the date of release of Steamboat Willie i.e. November 18, 1928.

  • The Barn Dance

    After 3 months and 23 days of the release of Steamboat Willie, on March 14, 1929 Walt Disney Productions released The Barn Dance. This series was casted same star cast and directed by same team.

  • The Opry House

    On the march 29, 1929, just 14 days after release of The Barn Dance, The Opry House released. It casts Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. In this series Mickey Mouse came into view as a pianist wearing a fancy wig.

    Many other titles releases by Walt Disney productions after the release of The Opry House. Some of those titles are When the Cats Away and The Plow Boy; Horace Horsecollar appeared very first on screen in this series.

Speaking Mickey

  • The Karnival Kid

    Mickey Mouse’s first speaking appearance was in The Karnival Kid released on July 31, 1929. In this series Mickey Mouse was hero against Minnie.

  • The Barnyard Battle

    The Barnyard Battle released on October 10, 1929. It was the time when World War I was going on. In this series, Mickey fought a battle against Pete and army and saved the farm.

Mickey In Colors

  •  The Band Concert

    The band concert was first Mickey Mouse cartoon in colors. It was released in 1935.

    Mickey Mouse Cartoons includes, other than mentioned, so many titles produced by Walt Disney Productions as  On Ice, Mickey’s Polo Team, Thru the Mirror, Magician Mickey, Brave Little Tailor and many more.


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