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Mini Movie Reviews - 2013 April to May

Updated on March 12, 2017
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I have watched 10,000+ movies in 15+ languages. So now I write about them for others to enjoy, because movies are my life and my passion.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 aka Fast Six aka Furious 6 aka The Fast and the Furious 6 - First things first, one does wish the director would have used a little bit of restraint to give it a push for greatness, but I guess Justin Lin wanted to give the audience everything before he leaves the franchise and for better or worse, he plays to the gallery and throws everything he has at them. The reason they brought back 1 character from the earlier films is to wrap it all up and hence, clips from the entire series are shown at the beginning and then by the end, the story brings it all back to F&F1 to the same place from where it all began, so many years ago. But still, whatever complaints you may have, it's all made up for at the end with a Big Action Climax. I guess it's appropriate for a car racing action movie series to have it all come down to a fight in a car - in a plane - in the open luggage area - in the air - over an airport! Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and so on are all back, along with a returning Michelle Rodriguez and Luke Evans plays the cold and precise villain and Tyrese Gibson gets the best line ("nobody needs to know about this") and just like the last time, both him and Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges play the comic relief and when The Rock and Vin Diesel did a tag team shot together, the people just loved it and i heard a lot of cheers coming from the audience. This series is now firmly implanted in the action/heist genre but it still does have traces here and there of its old car racing traditions and there is no doubt that this is currently Universal Studio's best franchise. Final Verdict - The exciting combination of cars and action still keeps on going strong. It doesn't reach the level set by Fast Five but still it is good enough and is good as a weekend entertainer. So keep mid range expectations and then go. P.S. The biggest screams from the crowd came at the mid-credits scene where the villain for F&F7 is revealed. The crowd just erupted and i heard people saying that the next one is gonna be a hit before it even begins shooting! This franchise is getting way too many bald guys (wink!) and now there's absolutely no way of stopping The Fast and the Furious film franchise. Vrooom!

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source


Epic - When was the last time you wished a movie could have gone further, deeper and better into its ideas? You know that it's a good movie but you know that it could have become a great movie if it had a strong, properly fleshed-out story. With its wonderful eye for flair where everything is green and magical in the forest and a Visual Flourish every 3 minutes that makes it worth seeing in 3D (yes it adds to the movie!) and its underlying idea that a forest has many unseen things that you would not know about but that doesn't mean that they don't exist just because you don't see them and so you must search for them and then find them, it has a good theme of "we are all connected" (through nature) and it is a colourful, interesting movie with lots of aerial fights, flight turns and an idea of "if the forest dies, then the world will too". Plus it also has the voice talents of Josh Hutcherson, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, Christoph Waltz, Aziz Ansari and so on and it even has Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Destiny's Child's Beyonce and rapper Pitbull! It is surprising how it gets the visual element totally right but screws up when it comes to the story and has a very basic plot line, that too with an easy ending within this complex but Wonderful World. Final Verdict - They could have gone further and made it a great movie but still it is good enough. So keep mid level expectations and then go and catch it in 3D and Pitbull as an underground toad kingpin is just perfect casting. The best line in the movie also has the most wonderful idea in the movie within it - "Many Leaves, One Tree"! Just take a chance and Give It A Shot.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness - It is like it's just 'some movie' made within the star trek world rather than a star trek movie, where some fans got a chance to make their own version of what a star trek movie would look like. With a lot of technobabble, unending light flares (those bloody spreading lights) that is just so distracting, it just tries so very hard to be UNENGAGING and make the audience feel like Spock (with no feeling at all!). Gone are the excitement and the joys of exploration and adventure of the last one. I enjoyed the interval time where I did nothing more than the entire 1st half. They have done nothing to make us care for any of the characters like Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock or any one of the USS Enterprise crew and though Karl Urban tries to bring some countryside flavour to the movie as Dr. Mccoy and has a funny line "Jim, you don't rob a bank when the getaway car has a flat tire", the only ones on the screen that you are gonna enjoy are the roles of Scotty played by Simon Pegg and the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch and it is just because of the villain's Cold, Odd Vocal Performance and a better 2nd half, specifically the last 30 minutes or so, that the movie becomes WATCHABLE. I should also tell you that the supposed 'surprise revelation' of the villain's identity also ended up being a total washout and had almost no impact on what was happening on the screen. I think they made a big mistake by hiding that information all this time and it will definitely affect the movie's success. The simple truth is that the things they used from the old canon/timeline didn't help the movie and the new things that they made didn't add to the movie. Final Verdict - Keep VERY LOW expectations and then go only if there is no place on earth (or space) you would rather be, and for a Star Trek movie, that's just plain sad.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 - The surprising thing about this movie is that even though it is a comic book action blockbuster (and marvel is notorious for tightly controlling the directors of its movies), the director's personal feel still comes through. Because 1) if Iron Man has anxiety issues and just can't sleep then all of this, all the money and all the things he has, it really just ain't worth it so we care for the character much more and 2) by saying that 'we create our own demons', the director cleverly makes you wonder if he is talking about the mistakes of Tony Stark, foreign policy matters, big market companies, crass commercialisation and a whole lot of ideas like that and 3) it frequently jumps between comedy and action to serious and sarcasm so it becomes like a fun parody/serious drama sometimes. So on one side we have Iron Man and Pepper Potts, once again played by Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, getting attacked by the forces of the Mandarin and even War Machine aka iron patriot also gets in on the action, while on the other side it's really not that difficult to imagine Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the roles of Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle like a parody of Lethal Weapon also. Plus it's even referred to as Iron Man Three at the the end credits which shows the parody attitude again. But by the end, it is a wonderful ending for 'the man inside the iron' Tony Stark. Final Verdict - Yup absolutely. Its action climax manages to stand up to a post-avengers world and even though there are many characters and events in it, after years of playing crap roles, Ben Kingsley Steals The Movie!

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source


Oblivion - The director is a professor of architecture (ok fine) and he made Tron: Legacy (oh yeah), so you know this guy's movies are all about VISUALS than about people. Same thing here with steel white structures, dark black creatures with beaming orange eyes in the shadows, desolate landscapes and other SHARP visuals. Though with a very sci-fi storyline where you are not sure about the characters, modern audiences might get restless through some of the slow, talky scenes and its ending is quite different from what you would expect. But still something like this just has to be watched on a big screen and Tom Cruise is believable as a confused man in a confusing world where everything seems to be just too perfect and mechanised and Olga Kurylenko also looks believable as a woman who is genuinely confused by everything around her and Morgan Freeman also does well, as do all the other characters and they all help in bringing the director Joseph Kosinski's vision to the big screen. The movie is officially, science fiction, but it doesn't forget that it also has some emotion within it and so while the final scenes play out, you will understand that this is a complicated one but still an enjoyable one. Final Verdict - Simply because of its Clear Visuals and Post-Apocalyptic Graphics you will get your money's worth of entertainment so Re-adjust your expectations and then go. If you like getting a Visual High along with a Pulsating Alive score that sounds awesome on the theater speakers and that too complete with an 80's synth-style end credits song (by M83) then this is all your weekend needs.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Jurassic Park 3D

Jurassic Park 3D - Though the dark 3D makes the skin tone of the characters look brownish red and some flaws visible, that is all unimportant because what is really important is the fact that watching this one on star movies (or on any movie channel wherever you are) over and over again opened a lot of eyes to the wonders and the exciting journeys through imagination possible in movies. A brilliant mix of a moral tale inside a sci-fi/ terror/ adventure story with great music from John Williams that Still Rocks, from the moment the 2nd half starts till the end you won't be able to move from your seat. It talks about the dangers of playing god with science and the consequences that will happen if you try to mess with nature. All the moments you remember like the doors opening to Jurassic Park, the grandeur of the first sighting of a dinosaur, the t-rex attack, the climbing over the electrified fence, the final scene inside the museum and so on, and the quirky characters played by Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough and the side characters played by Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight and so on, all of it is here to be seen and enjoyed again. Steven Spielberg with his master-class of storytelling thrills, excites and captivates you once again and thereby reminds you once again why it became an unforgettable movie and A Landmark Blockbuster. Final Verdict - There is no need to sing praises of this movie any more because seriously, what's left to say about this movie? Everybody knows about this movie and that is it's greatest award and triumph. Come, Celebrate what made you fall In Love With The Movies in the first place. 2 words - Fabulous, Still...

The Best Movie is... ?

Though Iron Man 3 is an enjoyable commercial blockbuster with a funny twist it is gonna be remembered in the future as one of those 'better than average' superhero movies because though the movie is fine and gives a good ending to the arc of the main character, people will mainly remember the twist in the story and the funny character that brings that twist to the movie over everything else in it and so the movie ends up becoming like just a big summer blockbuster and though Epic is visually gorgeous with its beautiful, eyecatching visuals of nature and fast aerial flights, it screws up in the story department with its average, unacceptably basic plot and its 'just too easy', nothing special, 'yeah whatever' kind of ending which makes you wish that they would have worked some more on the story and fully used all of the wonderful themes that it already has and raised it to the level of a great movie which it deserved to be and though Fast & Furious 6 is good for timepass and fun for the weekend, it isn't aiming for something big like greatness and so, other than its fans it is not gonna excite anybody else and so it ends up being still stuck playing as a 'B' movie and hence it is still not able to reach up to that 'A' class movie territory and though Jurassic Park 3D still stands up as a wonderfully good movie that is still thrilling and exciting even after 20 years of its release, it doesn't really need any more accolades and so, after considering all the facts, even though its emotions and characters aren't exactly top of the game, simply because of its superb sharp visuals like the clear white backgrounds, the contrasts with the dark black nights, the orange eyes beaming out of the grey ground and so on and mainly because of its sense of visual magnanimity, its wonderful sound design, its rumbling background music and its futuristic, desolate surroundings, ladies and gentlemen, The Best Movie of 2013 April to May is... Oblivion.

Trailer for Oblivion

Thank you for reading Mini Movie Reviews - 2013 April to May. Hope you have enjoyed it and had a good time with my movie reviews. There are 2 opinion polls below regarding which movie you thought was the best movie and what you thought about my article of movie reviews, so please feel free to take them, comment and give your opinions. Hope to see you soon on another article about movie reviews. Have a good day and once again, thank you for reading Mini Movie Reviews - 2013 April to May.

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