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Money Heist Review

Updated on June 8, 2020
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I am a Netflix fanatic and have watched many tv shows and movies but nothing compares to Money Heist

For fans and future fans

As promised in my previous post, I will be talking about a show that left me feeling heartbroken as it ended. If you have already seen the show then please still read on as we could start a fan club in the comments! If you haven’t watched ‘Money Heist’ or ‘La Casa De Papel’ have you been living under a rock?? Maybe by the end you will take a look.

‘ To love, you need courage.‘- Money Heist

Well I must have a lot of courage because I absolutely love this show!


From the second that the ‘next episode’ button didn’t pop up on Netflix, I felt a sadness worse than any of my previous break ups, (Which may say more about my taste in men than the show itself!) But another thing I felt was inspiration. Money Heist has spurred me on to learn Spanish so that I can watch interviews by the actors about the show. Surprisingly the show has also reignited my love of art, particularly inspiring me to find my own style- something I will touch on further down.

My recommendation

Some of the people that I know who haven’t watched Money Heist have said that they can’t stand the fact that it is dubbed. I get it, at first it did feel quite strange, but eventually you don’t notice and every word stops as soon as their mouth closes (I really hope you can imagine that!) Another, very understandable reason, was that they don’t have Netflix. Subscriptions start from just under £6, which can be a lot of money monthly, but you could always cancel your subscription when you have finished watching the show. If you do choose to get a Netflix account, or have one already, I will recommend some other shows in another post.

Apart from that I can‘t think of another negative. I don’t think there will ever be a show like Money Heist (but if there is please please let me know!) the writers are incredible because even the characters that you should hate, you don’t. There is also LGBTQ+ representation which is always a positive. Often in tv shows, as the amount of seasons rises, the quality falls, but I can honestly say that I was hooked until the very last scene of the last season. As soon as the credits rolled I got online and researched if there will be another ‘part‘ which I am happy to say that there will be!

I love almost every character to a point where I really couldn’t distinguish a favourite and that Is something that I can’t say about any other show.

I spent every second that I wasn’t watching the show, thinking about it. I also watched the ‘phenomenon’ show afterwards which showed behind the scenes clips and I‘ll be honest, I cried at the thought of them being in my country to film.

Trust me, it’s worth a watch.

Money Heist
65 million (18 days)
Tiger King
64million (46 days)
54 million (25 days)
Sex education
40 million (7 days)
Dead to me
30million (75 days)
Stranger things
26.4million (7 days)
20million (80 Days)

My Artwork

As previously mentioned the show inspired me to develop my own style of drawing. Well, really it happened accidentally. I usually draw butterflies or flowers (something I’ll touch on in another post) and haven’t drawn faces since GCSE art. I started a quick sketch of Raquel because she seems like such a lovely person in real life. I’ll attach a photo but it looks a lot better about 6ft away with one eye closed! If anyone has any art tips, again please let me know.


Hair definitely isn’t my strong suit!
Hair definitely isn’t my strong suit!


My rating of the show

5 stars for Money Heist

Thoughts on Money Heist

Have you watched the show?

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