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Movie Review: "SlenderMan"

Updated on January 20, 2018

"SlenderMan" is a horror movie which is based on the internet legend "Slenderman". The movie follows the escapades of four girls as they attempt to unravel the rendezvous and mysteries of this character.Typically, Slenderman presents a story of a tall, terrifying, faceless and abnormal being. The movie is directed by White Sylvaine and written by David Birke. This horrifying figure is responsible for the disappearance of vulnerable children.
The character "SlenderMan"
In this movie, the character of the Slender Man is depicted as being a peculiar one. For example, he is capable of rattling doors. Furthermore, the character's appearance is itself quite scary. Any human being who comes across it will jerk his or her head in fear. This is equally the same case with the actions done by this creature. Apparently, most of them are either mysterious or scary. For instance, in one scene, SlenderMan punishes a young girl by placing thorn like substances on her eyes, mouth and even nose. This is indeed an awful experience. In another scene, SlenderMan employs his charms to make some young girls attempt suicide. These are some of the powers of this creature manifested in this film.
The Character's Effect on the Audience
The movie, the Slender Man actually reinforces a popular legend which at one time spiraled out of control. The unique character possesses an ability to prey and attack children and teens. In addition, it is also capable of manipulating their cognitive abilities. However, just like what the modern media does to today's children, the four girls happen to be influenced by the Slender Man both in action and in thoughts. For instance, two of the girls stabs their colleagues more than 19 times simply because they wanted to become like SlenderMan. What this portrays is that parents need to be very keen in guiding their children while on the mass media platforms.
Influence of the Movie in Real Life
In essence, the making and showing of the "SlenderMan" have been condemned rather praised. In 2014, two girls, aged only 12 years from Wisconsin stabbed their colleagues more than 19 times. One of the girls admitted having been influenced by the SlenderMan character. This is after watching the movie at a local theatre. The girls claimed that they wanted to offer a sacrifice to the SlenderMan. This actually shows the height of the influence of this mysterious character.
Overal, the movie SlenderMan is disturbing to watch, at least for me. Not with scenes of human graves, self-harms, replicating viruses and attempted suicides among other horror scenes. To be honest, it is hard to draw any moral insights or motivation behind the creation of this horror movie. In fact, its impact on viewers has been more of that of a negative rather than positive. This is depicted by real-life experiences of attempted murder of two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin. These girls were said to have been largely influenced by the character in the movie. Therefore, the message which this movie submits is that some horror movies such as this one can cause harm and another negative impact on the audience.


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