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Movie Review: Deepwater Horizon

Updated on October 11, 2016

Rating: A-

*No Spoilers*

The Pros

  • BP - I was a huge fan of how BP allowed this story to be told. The BP officials depicted in this movie were villified as they were responsible for the events on Deepwater Horizon. I think it is awesome that this movie was allowed to be told as accurately as a movie would allow. I think it is so important that those who were responsible were shown this way.
  • Intensity - Deepwater Horizon opens by setting up a couple of characters, the main focus of this is obviously Mark Wahlberg's character, Mike Williams. Then there is more setup of the lifestyle and community on the oil rig itself. Make no mistake, none of the setup was boring to me, and once the disaster begins, the intensity of this movie is insane. During it all, I felt at least a fraction of the hopelessness of being within a massively powerful vessel exploding and falling apart around me. I cannot imagine what this must have been like for the men and women actually on board. For that reason, I found this to be a powerful movie.
  • Relationship between crew - A huge pro for this movie is the community of the men and women on board. Between how they knew and got along with each other as well as how well they knew the ship and its faults. They had a real family vibe, which made the inevitable disaster even more intense.
  • Explaining the science - This movie does an excellent job in explaining the science behind what would go wrong on this oil rig. There is one, more science/engineering based description while the other comes from Mike Williams' daughter preparing for a school presentation. Both scenes can on their own explain what would happen on the rig so if this is important to you, pay extra attention to these two scenes and you should have everything you need to know.

The Cons

  • Character development - One problem I had with the movie was that not enough characters were given proper backstory or relationships. During the real-life incident only about a dozen people died. I would have liked to see focus on more these characters and the surviving crew members who knew them. This would have given each death more weight, and would have given the audience a sense of "anyone could die".
  • BP closure - Another issue I had was with the closure of the BP issue. I felt the movie properly showed, what BP did incorrectly but I would have liked to see how BP handled the aftermath. What actions did they take against the BP representatives on board the Deepwater Horizon. All we get is one look of guilt and regret from one of the representatives. I think a few minute scene could have shown them losing their jobs or feeling the heavy guilt once back on land.



I was about a week late in seeing this movie, and I really should have seen it sooner. This was an incredibly intense movie. It has a good message (that I don't want to spoil), and it's a story that I think should have been told. I encourage you to go see this movie in theaters as a lot of the effects will look so much better on the big screen. This is a powerful movie and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 15 months ago from India

      I will watch this one and will get back to rate it...