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Top Leading Men In The Movies! Sexy too

Updated on September 15, 2012

Top Sexy, Hot Actors!

Will Smith
Will Smith

Harrison Ford Top Movies

Leading Movie Stars/Actors - Yummy!

Sean Connery Top Movies

Top 15 Will Smith Movies

Brad Pitt Top Movies

Top Sexy Actors

I love movies, I enjoy all types of movies, however, I mostly like to see the characters, how they interact, are the portraying the person in the movie correctly. Are they funny, lovable, cute, endearing or just plain mean. All actors display a different personality that is fascinating to me, however, through the years, I think some actors are better then others, in the art of portraying the characters they are meant to portray. In the last two decades the leading men have changed so much, some for the better, some so not. But when I look at the leading men in movies, here is who I think portrays the best of the best;

  1. Harrison Ford
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Sean Connery
  4. Will Smith
  5. Brad Pitt

These men are powerful, striking, sound and breathtaking. Each in their own flare, offer some of the best movies I have ever seen. I want my son to see every Indian Jones movie ever made, I want him to be the man that Harrison Ford portrayed himself to be in these movies. My very favorite was the second one “Temple of Doom” funny, sexy ,witty and overall entertaining. I met Harrison Ford, ten years ago in Salt Lake City; he was polished, polite and very distinguish. He was just as beautiful in person as he is on screen. He gets better with age, wiser, better looking and superior films.

Anything that Johnny Depp plays in is quite amazing to me. He keeps his personal life to himself, which I respect greatly. I love to hear about a Kentucky homebred that rises to fame and fortune. I respect him completely and appreciate his talent of acting, plus his talent of keeping it separate from his personal life. I don’t think I have seen him in a bad movie, although, I don’t like all the movies he does, I do appreciate his acting, that is thorough and completely on key.

Sean Connery really did not come one of my favorites until he was much older. I heard he was a wonderful Bond 007, however, I only saw a couple of these films and I did think he was and is a great actor. But it was during the 90’s that it changed for me, the “Hunt for Red October” was astonishing, hard to follow but once I got it, it was staggering. I loved him in “Entrapment” it showed some of his sexier side that we saw in 007. My two favorite films in which I feel in love with Sean Connery was “First Knight” and “The Rock” he was marvelous in both and showed that he can be a leading romantic man in films as well as action packed films.

Top sexy men

Will Smith is funny, lovable, films are infectious and most of all, gorgeous. He has the clearest skin (at least on screen). He does have flaws (big ears) but makes the most of it, I think that is so important for being a role model to kids. That we all have flaws and its okay, that makes you, you. Will Smith was incredible in “Seven Pounds” my favorite movie he has ever done. If you have not seen it, then rent it. It’s hard to follow the first 30 minutes but after that, it’s a miraculous movie that touches your very soul.

Last but not least, Brad Pitt, what can I say that others haven’t? He is the most striking men alive today. He has the rugged looks but beautiful smile that just speaks to women. All women want a Brad Pitt, because he is just to pretty. I love him for adopting children and giving them an opportunity to live, that he is a good father, or appears to be. I appreciate his acting but love what he is doing for local communities. I like that he is involved in our society and our communities, although, I don’t always agree with his policial beliefs, I appreciate him for doing something about his future, his children’s future and our future. Brad Pitt won me over with a couple of movies, “Meet Joe Black” he was remarkable in that movie. My very favorite movie was “Troy” for his hard character that showed his soft side with his cousin and the lady he captured. He looked stunning in that movie, because he was rough, tough and picturesque. Plus, he is a very good actor.

I know there are many more actors out there but I do know that these men above are my top 5 for various reasons that I mention. I love the movies and enjoy the good and the bad parts but most of all it’s the characters and actors that affect me for the movies that I like the most.


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