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Gaining Success In Your Music Career (Part 2)

Updated on May 31, 2013

Being successful with your music and making it a career takes certain things like knowing EXACTLY what it is that you want from your career, who your fan base is, knowing where your money is going and keeping track of where you are. That is just the first half of the beginning. To be successful takes more than just talent but you need a few qualities to go with that talent.

1. Be Consistent

No matter how much you put out or how great your music may be, if you are not consistent you make it very easy for people to forget you. You'll place yourself in a situation where you can easily become a "one-hit-wonder." Only achieving one thing. To be successful, you will need to consistently do many great things that lead up to your goals.

Do not allow yourself to start something and not finish it. See your projects and your steps to your goals all the way through from start to finish. Not doing so leaves the people who do support you feeling like they have been short changed. It is not necessarily an easy thing to get people to follow you and they take time out to pay attention to what you are doing so don't make it easy for them to never do it again. Give your supporters the attention they deserve.

2. Be Positive

No one wants to be around or pay attention to a sourpuss. When you carry negative thoughts and feelings, people can and will sense it. Imagine Michael Jackson or Celine Dion walking around angry all the time. If that happened I doubt highly that people would have taken the time to get to know them and their talents and fall in love with their artistry.

The same thing goes for you. Be positive in your thinking and how you interact with people. In no way and I saying unfortunate things or setbacks will not occur, they can and always will, but your learning to roll with the punches will make you a better artist and even better person. People will want to be around you and get to know you and your music more.

3. Give Back

This brings me to my next point. Part of being positive is giving back. Don't hog all information that you have learned or sit on opportunities that could help someone else. When you give genuinely, you allow there to be opportunities for you to receive.

How often do you write down your goals?

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But you must give first!

The next time one of your fellow artists is having a show go out and support them. If you hear of someone looking for a musician and meet a great musician, connect the two. If you see someone about to make a mistake you've made earlier in your career, give them a heads up in a better direction. Help develop talent where you see it. Just get out there, be nice and give back in anyway you see and can.

4. Ask And You Shall Receive

Imagine being trapped under a collapsed roof. Yes, people may know to search for someone in the rubble but if you don't call out, chances are slim that they will know exactly where to find you. The same is true in your career. When you do not ask for assistance, and this includes writing down your goals, then how will you get help to come to you? You have to ask, to speak, to request in some way for what you need. If you do not ask, you can never expect to receive.

Lastly, as I've mentioned in greater detail before, know how and when to promote. It will save you lots of resources and energy when you've gotten all of these things down. It will be seemingly magical how you will receive exactly what you need when you need it once you've begun to incorporate things things into not just your career but your life.

What other methods have you used to gain more success in your music career?


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