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Music For Your Next LSD Trip

Updated on November 21, 2015

There's More Than One Way To Go On A Trip

Has Anyone Ever Tried To Tie-Die Themselves?
Has Anyone Ever Tried To Tie-Die Themselves?

How To Plan Your Next Experience

I want to share with you some of my favorite psychedelic songs with you so when you go on an acid trip you've got something to listen to. Now I don't recommend you doing illegal drugs, nor do I condone LSD. Actually it's very bad for you; however I have a solution, an alternative perhaps, so please bear with me.

Pioneer of LSD Research

Before I recommend the songs or offer an alternative to your 'experience' I want to tell you about this great movie I just saw. It's called "The Tingler" and you can get it from Netflix. The movie stars Vincent Price, one of the greatest entertainers of all time, even better than Michael Jackson. I bring up this movie to point out that in the middle of the story Vincent, as a doctor/medical examiner, of course, experiments with LSD to discover the feeling of fear. His little trip didn't seem to help his experiment, nor do we learn if he had any flashbacks.

If you want to trip out, then trip out with Vincent Price. Isn't it also remarkable that our friend Vincent helps out Alice Cooper in Welcome to My Nightmare? Anyway, enough of Vincent "The Fly" Price. Oh, and as far as flashbacks are concerned, I think it best you simply replay "The Tingler" many times. How is it that a black and white movie can have the color red when blood is flowing? Maybe I was just 'trippin' out, man".

25 Songs To Help You Trip Out

Here is my list of great psychedelic songs, in no particular order. This list is not all-inclusive and there's probably more somewhere in my head. Many are not even really psychedelic but they sure can improve your experience. These songs are great for trippin' out and visualizing all kinds of things.

  1. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night -- The Electric Prunes
  2. The Porpoise Song -- The Monkees
  3. Incense and Peppermints -- Strawberry Alarmclock
  4. The Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess -- Ultimate Spinach
  5. Living Sin -- Emerson Lake and Palmer
  6. White Rabbit -- Jefferson Airplane
  7. Jungle Gym At The Zoo -- Elephants Memory (the unedited version)
  8. Pictures of Matchstick Men -- Status Quo
  9. One Way Or Another -- Cactus
  10. The Pusher -- Steppenwolf
  11. The Magicians Birthday -- Uriah Heep
  12. Psychedelic Shack -- The Temptations
  13. Soul Experience -- Iron Butterfly
  14. Are You Experienced -- James Marshall Hendrix (some call him Jimi Hendrix)
  15. Kicks -- Paul Revere and the Raiders
  16. Daydream -- Robin Trower (Live version)
  17. Tighter -- Paul Revere and the Raiders (phase shifter version)
  18. The Doo Doo Chasers -- Funkadelics
  19. In A Gadda Da Vida -- Iron Butterfly or even better the live version by Mike Pinera and the Classic Rock All Stars
  20. Hot Dog Man -- Elephant's Memory
  21. Hungry -- Paul Revere and the Raiders (the original banned version)
  22. Generation Landslide -- Alice Cooper
  23. Strobe Light -- B52's
  24. Closest Thing To Heaven -- Teas For Fears
  25. My Hallucination -- Shaw Blades

Preparing For Your Trip

Now that you have my list I am going to show you how to have an alternative way of experiencing an LSD trip. Here's what you need:

  • a) some old black light posters (and a black light) Black lights last a long time. I have one that's pretty old and it still works.
  • b) a couple of packets of incense
  • c) large cushions or pillows on the floor (for proper décor, watch "I Dream of Jeannie" and model your room after the interior of her genie's bottle -- groovy!)
  • d) tune out (turn off the computer, the phone, your blackberry, etc)
  • e) turn on (turn on these old records when your ready)
  • f) have your favorite refreshments available when you invite your friends over to your 'love-in'
  • g) Now for the fun part - you self-hypnotize yourself into believing you just took an acid trip and visualize you're back in 1968. (Don't know how to self-hypnotize yourself? I recommend Marshall Sylver's video on self-hypnosis. You can get hip with hypnosis.)

"Do It Yourself" Experience

You see, it's all in your mind. Your mind is powerful enough to create its own experience. You have more control and power over your mind sub-consciously and consciously without mind-altering substances. Plus, if you 'do-it-yourself', you're not breaking the law. And it won't kill you. You can create your own flashbacks by watching "The Tingler".

© 2009 Rob Lattin


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  • Rob Lattin profile image

    Rob Lattin 3 years ago from Born in Chicago, now I'm in Mostly Michigan

    I would think much of Pink Floyd's music would be more suitable for a list of songs about schitzophrenia or paranoia.Love Dark Side of the Moon which I feel is a montage of songs about the unknown regions of the brain, that when something snaps, the same song just keeps playing over and over driving the listener to madness.

  • profile image

    Ondrex 5 years ago

  • profile image

    Landul 6 years ago

    astronomy domine and matilda mother by pink floyd is a must when you're on acid

  • profile image

    Daniel 6 years ago

    Huge fan and collector of 60's and 70's music... i have to say: excellent sound! Thank you!

    Besides hendrix, grateful dead, the who, pink floyd, beatles (magical myster tour) and many others that i can't really remember because i was too amused (confused?) searching through my pile of vinyls that i somehow managed to spread all over the carpet and then forget what i was looking for; here's some sound from my first trip experience that blew my mind:

    (something totally different, i know. but i though i'd share anyway ;))

  • profile image

    Lara 7 years ago

    Great list of songs! You should make another one, I really enjoyed these recommendations... usually recommendations suck but these are awesome. Thanks :)

  • Rob Lattin profile image

    Rob Lattin 7 years ago from Born in Chicago, now I'm in Mostly Michigan

    The problem with Pink Floyd, besides being overplayed on radio ad nauseum, is that most of it makes sense. Welcome to the Machine is more aimed towards a film rather than a non-sensible psychedelic trip as with many of their songs. I would have included early Mothers of Invention songs, but most would not understand.

  • justom profile image

    justom 7 years ago from 41042

    Really? I'm not much on lists for music, but any list where we talk about tripping and have no mention of Pink Floyd? Well, I just don't know about that!

  • Tom Cornett profile image

    Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

    Took me back to the 70s...blotter acid...Fred and Barney paper. Melting walls and green fog. Girlfirends with giant eyes!

    Your way is much better and definitely much safer. Great hub! Thanks! :)