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Benefit of Music Education - Music School for Children since Early Ages

Updated on March 31, 2016
Children's Classes at Turtle Buy Music School. Photo:
Children's Classes at Turtle Buy Music School. Photo:

Benefit of Music Education for Children

Parent should understand the benefit of music education will impacted children development creativity since early ages. Several studies have shown that music school education impacted on children brain creativity. Children who involve in musical training are smarter than children with no training. Students from school that have good school music programs are score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools with deficient music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of the school or school district. Music school for children is important in developing brain intelligence and creativity.

Music education for children means learning music not only for children who have talent. The purpose children music school is not as to become a singer, composer, or musician which was the purpose of traditional or conventional music school. Otherwise, modern music school has wider purpose to teach children as developing their brain. Parent did not need reason that their children should have musical talent, but if your children have talent is a great bonus. Learning music is good to stimulating and developing their creativity, thus children more easy to learn school subjects like math, language, and others.

Music School - Timely Education System

Music School usually have musical program for junior and adult person. Junior music school is start with age 3 years old, 4-5 years old, and for 6 years old and next. The principle and benefits of music education for children that teaching curriculum is adjusted with child ages, physical and mental development. Timely Education System which means that education delivered based on ages level. Music for children is starting in this golden period.

Music Shool for Ages 4-5 Years Old

The perfect moment that children develop excellent listening ability is at the golden period 4-5 years old. This is the time where children listening ability growing faster as the benefit of music school. Remember, music closely related to listening and sometimes not easily to develop because of its invisibility. Therefore, this period is perfect time to sharpening children listening ability. Joining music school will make their listening capability intensively develop through music training activities. Parent should take a chance and benefit of this golden opportunity.

Listening - Singing - Playing - Reading - Creating.
Listening - Singing - Playing - Reading - Creating.

Junior class music course starting from listening activities: Listening - Singing - Playing - Reading - Creating. Parent sometimes misconception about music benefit for children where parent more emphasize on notation reading ability or instrument playing technical. That perception definitely wrong because children reading ability at ages 4-5 years old did not yet grown faster. In other side, fingers child nerves did not yet stronger --will be fully strong at ages 6 years old. If children were force to playing instrument, they will feel boring and lazy to learn music.

Making music fun for children.
Making music fun for children.

The perfect method teaching music to children in these ages is by listening. As an illustration, baby did not able to read, only able to listen and mimicking or imitating. But it doesn’t mean that children in ages 3 years old are too early joining music school. Children in 3 years has big curiosity and easy to absorb what they listen and has strong imagination. Ages 3 years old is a good start as preparation to the junior music class.

Caren Leonard Children's Music
Caren Leonard Children's Music

Teaching music will combine with demonstration of expression, discipline, communicate with their beloved especially father and mother (kinship), distinguishing what they observe/listen through music, and indirectly learning the music element. Learning music created as recreation to the music world, with fun, laughing, and enjoyment.

Ages 6 Years Old, is it too late?

Children with these ages already passed the golden ages of listening, but did not late to joining school music. The ages 3-4 years is the golden time, but in ages 6 years old, children already have strong finger and basic intelligence. Ages 6 years above, children will be taught the playing skill and reading partiture. So parent, let our children go to School Music.

Class Format: Group Lesson

There is a benefit of children who joining music school, they will teach in a group lesson, so they will be learning to interaction, communication, and empathy with others kids. Of course, private course just for single kids will not get those benefits. Group lesson is effective and efficient in delivering music education. Children will play music in harmony through ensemble. This is base to develop their creativity, discipline, and togetherness.

Children were learning music with keyboard and accompanied by parent. Photo:
Children were learning music with keyboard and accompanied by parent. Photo:

The good Music school basically using keyboard as instrument in group lesson, and the good one is Electone. Advantages using Electone is because it has stable and good pitch, soft tuts which suitable for children finger, has 2 keyboards that upper and lower able to balancing, various of voice color which attracting children, and black and white tuts which make children easily recognize the tone.

Considering children concentration is short in ages 3-6, lesson should be plan maximum 60 minute in a class, so children did not get boring. It is better parent accompany children in the class in order to get better result. Parent is a reflection for children, if parent support them and happy, children happy and enthusiast too. Parent should not critical about their children, but more support them, because the purpose of music for children is to developing creative children.

Making music fun for children.
Making music fun for children.

How to Chose Music School?

Parent need to consider music school curriculum when choosing music school for their children. The first priority is that music school should have basic understanding about music for children. The purpose music for children at least has 3 basic requirements: music school prioritizes developing children creativity which combines with interpersonal basic skill like communication, interaction, and discipline. The class degree is design in Timely Education and teaching method with Group Lesson. Now, let’s we enjoy music with our creative children!

Top 10 Benefits of Music Education

Learning and playing music have a good benefit to all level of ages. Family member more interacted one with another, growing sympathy and understanding, and create creative and warm environment for children to grown. Here the Top 10 benefits to learn to play contains many advantages, we have a list of benefits of Music Education here (

  1. Raise the awareness.
  2. Help to develop self-esteem
  3. Contribute to a balanced, challenging, positive and stimulating education
  4. Help to develop teamwork skills
  5. Be a source of great fun!
  6. Music Students learn to reflect creatively and to unravel problems by imagining various solutions, rejecting outdated rules and assumptions.
  7. Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and understanding.
  8. Learning to play an instrument is like learning to speak another language and it can be challenging at times.
  9. Learning to play soothing music help to be relaxed.
  10. Music performance teaches young people to conquer fear and to take risks.

Every child is a special gift from God. Central Baptist Morning School.
Every child is a special gift from God. Central Baptist Morning School.

Tips: Joining Sunday school

If you are Christian family, joining Sunday school is good where kids singing, playing, and interaction together. Unfortunately not all school has music curriculum or music school around your living area, therefore Sunday school is a good alternatives. Church also divides children in some level of class. Children can join children choir, singing together with harmony, and develop character and faith. There some benefits of regular church attendance especially for kids: significantly reduce children from bad attitude and rebelliousness, helping rebound from depression 70% faster; improve their attitude at school and increase their school participation; and many more. Enjoy the music with faith and growing your children intelligence. Be a happy parent with abundance love for your kids and better future.

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    • profile image

      Mitchell 3 years ago

      I hate my life but at least this makes it bebarale.

    • profile image

      Ike 3 years ago

      I want to voice my personal aopiecratipn for the generosity for males and women that actually need assistance with the topic. Your individual commitment in order to moving the solution down and up ended up being extremely significant and it has continually permitted associates much like me to achieve their set goals. Your personal helpful book means a lot to me and a whole lot more to my workplace colleagues. Thank you; through every one of us.

    • profile image

      Nana 6 years ago

      The children that have been introduced to music have a love and outlet that can keep them out of dark places as adults.

      I love the suggestion about allowing the children to interact with others in the church. The church will even pick up your children for free and drop them off.

      Investing your time and energy by giving your child the gift of music is a wonderful message and legacy for future generations. I Love This Hub!