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Best Educational Toys for Baby and Toddlers and Toy Benefits

Updated on March 31, 2016

Educational Toys and Brain Development

Parent should be choose educational toys for baby and toddlers by understanding its benefits. Educational toys is best toys to stimulate baby and toddler brain development, especially since they born and up to two years old. That is the Golden time of their brain grown. Baby needs high good food and nutrition, but it is not enough. Parent should involve stimulating baby brain development and intelligence by choosing the best and perfect toys for them.

Be wise parent, do not judge toys based on price; an expensive toy doesn’t mean the best one. Smart parents choose toys based on good benefit for their baby and toddler creativity and brain development. Parent should understand the relevance and benefit of toys and games based on their ages. In this short article, you will found best toys for children since birth and up to 36 months (3 years old).

Baby is happy with toys
Baby is happy with toys | Source

Educational Toys and Parent Involvement

Playing purposes is not only for pleasure and refreshment, but also lesson-learned for children. Therefore, parent need to choose best toys wisely and made your lovely baby and toddler able to grown their personality. It is strongly advice that parent should involve in playing with children. Parent involvement develops bound of positive emotion and optimizing brain development, train his concentration, and creating good and open communication.

How to Choose Best Toys?

Here the 5 benefits of choosing best educational toys for your baby and toddler:

  • Toys able to stimulate baby brain development optimally.
  • If baby and toddlers plays routinely, his body will gave signal of hungry or full effectively.
  • Child trains its body motor skill, balance, and movement coordination.
  • Stimulating baby and toddlers senses and sensory function and energy.
  • Developing positive emotional and sharing with others.

Baby loves to play with toys
Baby loves to play with toys

Best Toys for Baby: Birth - 4 Months - Motor Development and Stimulate Sensory

Do not wait, even new born baby needs good toys to develop their brain and sensory. What is the best toy for them? Based on research, baby ages 1-4 months are starting to learn sense, form, and the move of his body. That is why baby loves to put something to their mouth to recognize the sense and form. The best choice is rattle, teethers, and music box with bright colors and has sound, baby safe mirrors, toys to reach and grasp, and toys to stimulate motor, vision and hearing.

Baby  having fun with toys
Baby having fun with toys

Best Toys for Baby: 4 - 12 Months - Spontaneous and Interactive Play

At this ages, baby start to do spontaneous play and exploration because baby more able to use both hands independently. Best educational toys is teething or toys to help them to sit down, and moving their body. baby spontaneous and interactive game is “clap hands”, “pat a cake”, and of course “peek a boo”. Best educational games is like toys to encourage creeping and crawling, push/pull toys or resulting sound/light, musical and sound-making toys, doll for cuddling, and storybook to read by you for your charming baby.

Are you solving the problem, kid?
Are you solving the problem, kid? | Source

Best Toys for Baby and Toddler: 12 - 24 Months - Playing and Problem-solving toys

At this age, baby/toddlers is able to walk and explore entire room and imitating verbally and physically. Activity will strengthen their muscle and motor coordination. Toddlers love simple puzzle, building block or cup, and toy with bright color and music.

Best educational toys for them is like jack in the box, water toy, toddler swing set, pail and shovel, simple music instrumental, and story book read to them. At the end of two years (18-24 months), toddlers began using imagination, match object and color, and follow simple instruction, dancing and music, and learning to speaking. Toddlers learn more new world starting at this ages.

Puzzle and imagination toy
Puzzle and imagination toy | Source

Best Toys for Toddler: 24 - 36 Months - Puzzle and Imagination

Wow toddlers motor coordination is good and begins to run and play like simple sport, board game, and drawing at book and wall. Toddlers are also gave respond for music, picture or video, and picture book with story. Best educational toys for toddlers like construction set, train set, chalk board, miniature, rocking horse, riding vehicles, dolls and accessories, and book to read together.

Tips: Benefit of Music for Children Intelligences


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    • profile image

      Livie 3 years ago

      they are newborns til thyere 3months and then they are jus babies, until they walk, when they become toddlers, until they go to nursery when they become preschoolers lol +4

    • profile image

      Halil 3 years ago

      According to WHO (world health oroinasiatign) and newborn or neonate is a child who is 28 days or younger. So a newborn is a newborn for the 1st 4 weeks.An infant is between 1 month to between 1-3 years depending on the source. I personally consider an infant an infant until they start toddling, then they become a toddler (walking). +3Was this answer helpful?