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Music Sets the Mood

Updated on November 30, 2009

Ice clicking in a glass, the flapping of a newspaper, and the sounds of my dad slipping off for a snooze in our vinyl green recliner are truly missed sounds of an evening well spent. I would sit on the yellow/green velvet couch smoothing the velvet back and forth as I continued listening to the music that lulled my dad to sleep. Some nights it was Shirley Basey, others it was Elton John or Johnny Mathis. My mother would be in the kitchen conjuring up wonderful smells while quietly humming to the tunes that wafered through the joining kitchen and livingroom wall.

I grew up with a family who chose music over TV most of the time. Especially in the softness of the evening when my dad, with his amber colored manhattan swishing in his crystal glass, standing in front of the collection of records would ask me, "Ok, Charlie, what should we play tonight?"

Music has always set the mood for me. Whether I am listening intently or drifting into my own dreamland, I attatch myself and there's no going back. I usually go for moody music, I guess because I love to think and ponder (wasting time, Hmm?) .

For the last few years I have begun a great collection of music soundtracks. It started when I bought my daughter the soundtrack to Annie. I began a habit of listening to the music to almost every movie I saw. Movies I thought were my favorites because of the actors or stories were really just liked because the songs had tucked themselves into my senses. Some movies I have to admit aren't exactly box office draws but something but they have drew me in anyways: the music, that subliminal magical undertone.

The following samplings are some of my favorite soundtracks, which are some of my favorites movies as well. I will list them by Movie, Singer, Song Name:

Serendipity, St. Germain, Rose Rouge: This was an incredible song that SADLY is not on the soundtrack and took me some time to find. It's played several times thruout the movie. It reminds me of New York. I took my Husband there while we were dating to and as we were walking down Wall Street the sound of a Saxaphone or such, vibrated through the street bouncing against the buildings it was an amazing experience and stopped us in our tracks. But that's New York for you. Beauty comes from spaces.

Kissing Jessica Stein, Blossom Dearie, Put On A Happy Face: Love the song, love the whole soundtrack. Movie is awesome too. But this is THE song when I know I have to clean the house and I feel so overwelled by it all. Yes, I have fantasies of having a huge Bonfire in the back. But REALLY all I have to do is put on my retro looking apron and turn Blossom Dearie up full volume and recharge sweeping those dust bunnies out of every nook and cranny.

The Lake House, Clientele, I Can't Seem to Make You Mine : One of my absolute favorite movies I have it on DVR saved recording. The mood, the lighting, and yes, the music is awesome. But this first song played in the intro is so beautiful and dreamy and soft and just the right tone when I feel the need to check out for a while.

And then, when I want to jump back into real life but need some help, pass that Margarita on the Rocks...

Practical Magic, Harry Nilsson, Lime in the Coconut: Another fun movie, actually I just really loved the kitchen. I dream of that kitchen, baking, stirring, conjuring all kinds of rich and satisfying food. But the entire soundtrack is fantastic, from moody to fun with my favorite singer Stevie Nicks singing "Crystal" You can't walk away after listening without feeling some of the magic.

The Love Letter, Luis Bacaluv, Imagine Being In Love: When I hear this song I imagine myself walking on beach on a windy dreary day with my beloved Angus by my feet. The music laps at my feet, another great song to drift away on.

These are just some of my picks, I have so many more, although I always return to my favorites. But always keep an ear out for the lost song tucked away in some forgotten scene.

Share some of your favorites, would love to hear back.


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