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My Friends Tigger & Pooh “Rabbit’s Song for a Pumpkin/Pooh’s Blues” Episode

Updated on September 8, 2009

"Rabbit's Song for a Pumpkin/Pooh's Blues" Episode of My Friends Tigger & Pooh

The "Rabbit's Song for a Pumpkin/Pooh's Blues" episode of My Friends Tigger & Pooh first premiered on the Disney Channel in the Playhouse Disney programming block on September 8, 2009.

“Rabbit’s Song for a Pumpkin” Wrap Up

This episode begins with Rabbit’s pumpkin being judged by Beaver and Raccoon for a vegetable contest. It checks out good, but he does not have a theme song for his pumpkin, which is required for the contest. The contest ends by sundown and Rabbit must come up with a song by then or he is out of the contest.

The Super Sleuths are on the case to help Rabbit come up with a theme song that tells about all the goof things about his pumpkin. Tigger tries to come up with a pumpkin theme song, but miserably fails at even being a song. Pooh is better at making a song, but it ends up being mostly about honey. Darby then decides they should ask everyone in the Hundred Acres Woods to help come up with a theme song for the pumpkin and then Rabbit can pick the one he likes the best.

The next scene is of the various friends from the woods gathering in Rabbit’s garden to sing their pumpkin theme songs for him. Roo and Lumpy go first and actually have a good song about the pumpkin, except they call it green to rhyme with. Porcupine goes next with a song about what you could make with the pumpkin. Piglet goes next with a jack-o-lantern song. Darby and Buster then show their song. The song is about drumming on a pumpkin. Turtle goes last and sings about how to use the pumpkin as a shell. Rabbit likes them all and cannot decide which song he likes best.

Darby comes up with the idea of combining the songs to create the best song for the pumpkin. Before they can practice the combing of the songs the judges arrive, so they do it together for the first time with the judges present. The judges and Rabbit enjoy the song. Beaver and Raccoon shortly confer and decide that Rabbit’s pumpkin earns best in show.

Overall I think this is a good plot line for the series. It is nice that they have the singing competition to find the best song and it stays entirely friendly even ending with them cooperatively coming together to create one big song with all their different song ideas.

“Pooh’s Blues” Wrap Up

The second half of the episode begins with Turtle painting a bench blue. He goes to get porcupine while it dries. Pooh comes along and sits on the bench to eat some of his honey. He ends up with a blue behind from sitting on the wet paint bunch.

Darby and Tigger are picking blueberries and they mistake Pooh’s behind for a giant blueberry. Tigger thinks that Pooh is turning into a Poohberry. Darby does not think that is why and they get into their Sleuth Gear to find out why Pooh’s bottom is blue.

Darby asks the question How did Pooh turn Blue? Darby remembers her tongue has turned blue from a blue snow cone and they think that the blue is from eating blueberries and the rest of him is the color of honey.

Just then Turtle brings Porcupine to his blue bench and finds a spot missing blue paint. Porcupine thinks it looks like a footprint on the bench. They become afraid that it is an extra large Woozle footprint.

Pooh eats a bunch of honey to try to turn himself back to his normal honey color. Tigger then comes up with the idea of covering up the blue color. He glues on flowery wallpaper that was leftover from Rabbit’s kitchen. It is itchy, though, and he shakes it off.

Pooh then sings a song about being a Blue Bear. It is a Blues kind of song about whether being blue will really change him and how his friends treat him. The Sleuth siren then goes off and Porcupine comes rushing over to explain about the giant Woozle footprint on the bench.

Pooh says it looks like the bench he sat on earlier, but it was all blue then. They then come to the realization that Pooh’s bottom became blue from sitting on the bench while the paint was still wet. Pooh then takes a bath to get the blue off.

Overall I did not really like this plot. It just seemed a little too silly and unrealistic. I know that is kind of how Pooh is, but it just went too far with them thinking he turned his bottom blue from eating blueberries and stretching the logic of not even noticing the feel of wet paint when he sat down.


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