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My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle

Updated on August 1, 2017

Twilight Sparkle

Welcome to my Fan Page!
Welcome to my Fan Page!


Twilight Sparkle here and I took a few minutes off studying my books to tell you a little more about myself. While I really should go get back to my studies im sure Spike can get all the books ready and go over my checklist three times to make sure everything I need is at the ready. Where should I start talking about my journey? Oh I guess its back to magic school then!

During my school days I always studied extra hard and tried to get everything just right. I knew my whole life depended on getting good grades and marks in school. So everyday I read and read. Books are such wondrous things. Anyway, I was taking my exam and it was really stressful. I don't remember ever being that nervous in my life! I kept trying to hatch Spike here out of his egg using my magic but it just wouldn't work. I ended up getting scared from a large explosion and out of the surprise my horn casted the spell I wanted to - although it did more then hatch just Spike. It made him a large dragon and turned some of my professors into different things! When Spikes at the time giant head was sticking out of the roof of the school Princess Celestia came and repaired all the damage done by my magic. She then looked at me and I begged her not to punish me and she just smiled and asked me to be her personal apprentice! From there I did whatever she requested and one day she sent me to Ponyville to check on preparations and to make some friends. I didn't really want to make any friends as at first I saw it as a waste of time but I had little choice in the matter. From there you know the rest of the story! As I learn how to be a good friend and send these lessons to Princess Celestia I now know theres more to life then just studying books. Of course that means I can't get behind on studying though! There is so much more studying to do too, now that i've become an Alicorn! Im just so nervous, I don't know how to be a princess! Where are all the books on it?

My Pet!

I almost forgot in telling the story other then my friend and helper Spike, I have a pet named Owloysius! Owloysius helps me out when Spike is too tired. He also helps out in the dark and with other multiple when I break my last writing quill he will let me use one of his feathers! He is very smart and I don't know what I would do without him sometimes. Spike will always be my main helper, but Owloysius will always be my pet.


Some Pictures of Me!

Im so glad you came to check out my fan page. It really does mean a lot to me even though I should be studying. Here is some pictures of me you can take a look at - after all who doesn't love pictures? I know I do!

Hey its me!
Hey its me!
This is the wonderful dress Rarity made me!
This is the wonderful dress Rarity made me!
You won't like me when im angry  =|
You won't like me when im angry =|
I've become an Alicorn!
I've become an Alicorn!


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