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The Story of Birth. A Miracle Through Photos

Updated on November 15, 2012

I am a mother of two girls. My oldest is 13 and my youngest is just three. For those of you that follow my work on HubPages, you are aware that I became pregnant while using an IUD (intrauterine device). Needless to say, I was not planning to have another child after my oldest. But, it happened. Ultimately I was given a choice whether to eliminate or proceed with the pregnancy.

This is the story of that progression illustrated with photos.

My Miracle

I found out I was pregnant after beginning the all too familiar 'morning sickness.' I didn't think much of it at first. I thought I was victim to the flu virus or just ate something that did not agree with me. However, it continued for quite some time. This and the absence of a monthly period, which can be common for those with an IUD, brought me to the conclusion that I may be pregnant.

I went to the grocery store and discreetly bought a pregnancy test. I remember the Pharmacist looking at me as if saying to himself, 'Your a little old for that aren't you?' Oh yes, I failed to mention I was 37 years old.

Well, to my disbelief, I had a positive pregnancy test. The next nine months would be a journey.

9 Months of Waiting
9 Months of Waiting

After finding out I was pregnant and still with an IUD in place, my doctor ordered it be removed. An ultrasound was ordered to find the exact placement. However, the IUD was actually entwined in the sac surrounding the baby.

I was told to expect a miscarriage.

The IUD must be removed.

I was brought to the hospital and the surgery progressed. When I awoke the doctor informed me the removed the IUD but left just the cross to seal the sac.

The baby was still alive. A miracle to say the least.

My pregnancy was very difficult. Cursed with hyperemesis, extreme high blood pressure, dehydration from excessive vomiting and weight loss, this baby would have to fight to survive. I lost 26 pounds while carrying her. I had weekly IV treatments to replenish my system with hydration and electrolytes. I was told numerous times to prepare myself for the loss of the baby.

At 6 months I began to bleed. I was ordered bed rest and told again, expect a miscarriage.

I made it to 36 weeks of my pregnancy. This baby has fought long and hard to be here. I began having labor pains and went in to see my doctor. I was dilated to 3cm with regular contractions. My doctor told me it was too soon and to go home and wait. If they got stronger, go to the hospital.

Anxiously Awaiting
Anxiously Awaiting

Finally, the decision to induce was made at 38 weeks. I was induced at 6:00am and was still only dilated to 3 at 5:00. The nurse forced my water to break as something was holding up the dilation. Just then my babies heart rate dropped to a mere 48 beats and my blood pressure soared. Emergency c-section was the only option to save us.

Her Life is Beginning
Her Life is Beginning
Almost Here
Almost Here

At 5:38 pm my daughter was born. 6 lbs 4 oz and gorgeous.

She is my fighter and my miracle.

Amanda Grace is her name, she is my hero.


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